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  1. Beowoulf and FTPI

    Mission! HI!! Fop is coming, complete with WHITE shoes!! Arriving in Miami on Monday. Driving to KW. In a a hotel for a few days. Derrik is my Facebook log-in. Me and Zynga had a "disagreement" regarding the rules of Mafia Wars. I had to create another character. ;-)
  2. Beowoulf and FTPI

    And the crowd goes wild....
  3. Searle's Raid 2012

    Call me a canting mugger, but have I'll went and procure lodging for the March coming. Now, my pretty lads, d'ye be joinin' me or d'ye have me make ye food for the fishes - which?
  4. forum

    Poppycock, I say! Poppycock! ;-)
  5. Stuff for sale

    32 waist ... jesus....
  6. Highland Pirates

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA .... Utah is known for its ... uhm .... PIRATES! Yeah! That's it!
  7. Roll Call - Fort de Chartres 2011

    Strap cutting tool could be useful, Bo. Tks for the offer.
  8. Roll Call - Fort de Chartres 2011

    oh .. forgot to ask .. will there be leather workers/vendors there? Got a few gorgeous belt buckles (cast by someone on here .. can't remember his name) that need leatherin'. Seems to me William said there was a cobbler there once...
  9. Roll Call - Fort de Chartres 2011

    I fly outta here in 10 days! Won't be long now! Can't wait!!!! And THIS time, my custom made, Cap't-Jack-made hat will be with me! Sure is gonna look funny wearing that on the plane.... How close is the fort to the Mississippi River?
  10. Market survey

    A pot to piss in.... Lady luck has not been kind of late....
  11. A Green Horn in your Midst

    Welcome aboard! Now! Start savin' yer pennies fer the crazy pirate fest in Key West right after Thanksgiving. Two concurrent events (don't ask) called Pirates in Paradise and Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion! T'was (they were) my first event(s) - flown to from Montreal... and what a blast!
  12. Key West Next Week

    Garden of Eden ... top floor (right there on the main drag)
  13. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    I'll take one of each!
  14. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    Why do pirates like buckles so much?
  15. Baldric buckles made by Gibbet

    Jas. Is that really your pic or is that Charleton Heston??