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    Mad Zan or Z as she is most oft known, has many interests, do ya think you can pique them?
  1. Music in a Period Tavern

    Out of the Ordinary Music The soft strain of beautiful music fills our heart, our head and indeed our very soul, at least in memory. A dear friend, Mr. Carroll Ross who is "Among Good Company" hath graced us with "Music for a Convivial Gathering." Aye, 'tis truly the very music one hears in the places convivial folks gather. We recall well the tune, Bring in the Punch Ladle, played by Mr. R's companions Mr. & Mrs. Duffy and their friends. Aye, it assuredly does reckon back to many a most hospitable eve such as Martins Station some months back and other nights, some more memorable than others! Enjoy Z
  2. Behaving in a Golden Age Tavern

    setting up the thievery in advance can be fun especially if you are performing for the public, it is great fun to catch "mom's" eye or the little kiddie's eye as you lift the desired item out of the possession of your pre-planned mark - some will turn you in while others turn a blind eye... interesting little social experiment actually. But if it's a true pyrate party/taven it is much more fun to thieve the unsuspecting, but I will say you better fess up right away and offer back whatever items you've hoisted immediately to avoid problems. Z Piracy upon the banks of the Mississinewa
  3. You in yar garb.

    hail the crewe! tis nice to see many a friendly face hereabouts! nay you'll not see Mad Zan on frontier folk, but surely our dearest and closest cousin Lady of the Woods is know upon the frontier. wink. wink. one must keep their pyratical life quiet ye know. kisses and the lift of the cup to all friends, an oar to the head of our foes. Z
  4. November 5th-7th 2010 | Fort de Chartres Rendezvous

    Mad Zan will not be in attendance, but her closest and dearest cousin Lady of the Woods will most certainly appear with her smooth gunne "Lucky" and her rifle gunne "Lady" ready for the sportin. Be there a way of knowin the pyrates amongst us ? The "frontier folks" the Lady of the Woods knows will likely sport a white strip of cloth on their person, that others may know them and speak plainly, is there such devices amongst those here? Z
  5. Hailing the Crewe

    well now, my goodness! what a welcome, and I see by my blog stats a few of you have read or at least looked over the writings of this mad woman. Mission, I'll probably need some help with that signature thing, it's too late tonight, but I'll try tomorrow. as for the story of me moniker; well now wouldn'tcha like to know?! ha, what I'll tell you is that most of the time it isn't because I'm angry... more of the crazy mad than angry mad and my full name is Suzanne, I refuse to be called Suzy and so shorten Suzanne to Zan. my land loving friends know me as Lady of the Woods or as my persona Mad Anne Bailey. Nice to see some friends aboard here in this fine establishment. I'll gladly hoist a jug with the best of you, throw a jug at the worst, and probably ignore the rest. My tent is comprised of 4 supports and a ridgepole which are held together fore and aft with an upside down Y shaped pin. Being an independent sort , I got tired of having to ask for or gladly accept help (thanks Dan!) in setting up or taking down my own tent. With this construction I place the first two supports into the fore pin, place the ridgepole arriving at an inverted V, then pull the canvas over, stand on my treasure chest, place the other two supports within the aft Y pin, pull the canvas over the top of the aft Y pin, and waaalaa, shes ready to stake down. easypeasy This year I'll sleep under canvas or be doing something directly related to the hobby, about 26 weekends. wooo hooo! I do F& I as a ranger, Rev War as Mad Anne, and Pirate as Mad Zan or Z. I'll be seeing ya about the place I expect, and thanks again for the hearty welcom Z
  6. Paynetown Surgeon's Journal

    Still not entirely sure how I ended up as "cool girl" but I surely love the journal Mission. Bloody Kat sends her regards! btw; I've added a link to your journal from mine, thanks for adding my link to yours For others who may find it of interest enclosed within you will find a letter writ to my dear cousin Mad Anne Bailey, please keep her name in confidence as I wouldn't want my wicked ways to cause her grief of any kind! Z ye journal of Mad Anne Bailey - paynetown chapter
  7. Hailing the Crewe

    Hail the Crewe, I've sailed through these waters a few times and found a friend or two amongst the scalawags, buccaneers, freebooters, brigands, bastages, rovers and rakes. I'll drop in the tavern here an see who's stealing from whom, whose gone overboard and who's actin the fool. Oft enough t'will be me actin the fool I fear, so cut me some slack and I'll learn yer wicked ways soon enough. Mad Zan
  8. P1000947.JPG

    From the album Pyracy or Death? Give Me Pyracy!

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  9. You in yar garb.

    Hail the Crewe, know me by my images below; We'll either get along famously, or NOT. Mad Zan