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  1. What weapons would a Pyrate carry into Battle.

    Is this a trick question... like how much wood would a woodchuck chuck??? My vague answer would be, "enough to be useful, but not so many as to get in the way of being useful." My personal comfort level is a pistol, at most two, a sword, and a long arm that can be easily disposed of when no longer needed. I tried adding two additional pistols once, and that was three too many.
  2. Spanish stuff

    My guess is that this link has been posted at least four times now. That being said, it is a great site, and well worth a reminder.
  3. Testing

    Hmmm. I think we're on to something. I bet if there was a way we could connect all these on some web interface, and give 'em some fun little icon... like a smiley or something... and a catchy name like... like... LIKEbook!... would could make a fortune!!!
  4. PotC 4

    That pushed the envelope for me too. And I'm a simple country cartographer.
  5. PotC 4

    That was just a "for instance." My point was that on more than one occasion I was surprised by the author's apparent lack of research.
  6. Testing

    Where's the stinkin' 'Like' button?!?! Oh well... I guess I'll just have to type it. Blackjohn likes Duchess' comment.
  7. PotC 4

    Which, in my opinion, is the correct answer for any of those films. He's a madcap adventurer, and thus, like Bugs Bunny, not subject to the laws of physics. In the book it was more mundane type stuff, e.g., mentioning a ship's wheel on a ship that would have had a tiller, something along those lines. It happened a couple times, enough to be a minor annoyance.
  8. What are you reading right now ?

    Finally finished reading The Hobbit to the kids as a bedtime story. It took about 1 1/2 years to do it, but I did it. I'm now reading 20000 Leagues Under the Sea to them. As for myself... I'm trying to catch up on scifi classics, so my eyes have turned toward finding a used hardback copy of Asimov's first Foundation book.
  9. Idle Curiosity

    Possibly, because the connection in my mind went 1916>Cranberries>U2 Sunday Bloody Sunday>1916=Irish Rebellion. And this from a guy who spent the first four months of 2011 doing nothing but painting 1:144th scale WWI airplanes and playing Wings of War.
  10. Idle Curiosity

    A bunch of my friends do WWI in a recreated battlefield on a farm in PA. I'd go, but a) dressing up in funny clothes isn't on my priorities list any more and I don't really want to sit around in a trench with a bunch of guys reenacting WWI 24/7 for a couple days in a row. Reenacting without carousing? Where's the fun in that?
  11. Idle Curiosity

    Off the top of my head, and without reading further down-thread... isn't that the year there was some sort of Irish thingy going on? Bloody Sunday? Something like that?
  12. PotC 4

    Don't bother. I read the book some years ago, after a bunch of people I know in the gaming world went on and on about how good it was. It was ok, but not up to the level I expected. There were a few cases of "uh, that's not how that works, you should have done more research." That being said, it's a shame they didn't actually make the book into a film, because the book is better than PotC4.
  13. PotC 4

    I took off of work and went and saw it in 3d Friday during a morning show, then took the whole family to see it on Sunday, in 2d. I actually liked it better in 2d than in 3. Overall... it was ok. I think I'll place it third, after 1 and 3, but before 2. I thought it had some great moments, and if I was going to run a pirate roleplaying game there's a ton of ideas to mine, but the film as a whole never really grabbed me. And Penelope Cruz, as nice as she is to look at, didn't wow me. McShane's Blackbeard... you know... if they told him to "act like an old Blackbeard who is tired and feels like his life has come to an end", he nailed it. I dug the mermaids. In fact, for me it would have been a better film if they had concentrated on the love between the mermaid and the priest. That part of the story grabbed my interest more than the Depp/Cruz story did. WHAT THE HELL DID THAT SCRIM/SCRUM(?) GUY HAVE ON HIS HEAD?!?!? Ugh. Ships in bottles. Priceless! Sparrow falling down as he exits the jungle and hacking away at the plants was also priceless! Voodoo doll! Ha!
  14. Proper Period Proof

    Having been prodded by Mission, and since piracy seems to be in the air at the moment, I'll add my tuppence. Three? Eh. Why not five? Why not all you can find? Either way, I'm not really sure there is proof or truth, no matter how many sources you pile on. Here's why... I just finished writing an entry for The History of Cartography, Volume Six with the catchy title "The History of Marine Charting by the United Stated in the 20th Century." Everything was going just splivvy until I hit the 1970s. It was at that point that I decided to do some "fact checking," comparing the official written history of the Coast Survey to the recollections of my peers, a half-dozen or so who were around during the period. What did I find? The official history wasn't telling the whole truth. According to the written record, in 1973 the Coast Survey produced our first nautical chart through fully automated methods. According to the people who were here, that chart had so many hands massaging it along the way that it was by no means a fully automated process. My point? I dunno... other than I don't know that one can put a limit on the number of sources checked, and that even official documents are not to be trusted. Frankly, thinking about this further and in relation to my day job, where we often have to dig through old chart histories to find why an item is where it is on a chart, if someone actually believes they can stop at three then in my opinion that person is being a lazy historian. A good historian is like a good detective. They'll check every lead and follow it, hopefully uncovering more along the way. Thus ends my rambling post. Carry on. See you in another month or six.
  15. Here's what I've been up to lately... painting WWI airplane miniatures and playing a game called Wings of War! That's a Fokker Dr.I that I built for my wife to paint and use in the game. Hopefully she won't draw the explosion card the first time she uses it. Cheerio!