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  1. Ohio?

    I live near Wheeling, WV (on the Ohio side).
  2. Beads fer brika brak!

    if you want real, antique trade beads, more authentic to the period, I suggest Africa Direct
  3. Firing a Blunderbuss

    I've hipped mine, and shouldered it. Really it's all about your manner of comfort, and the load you're comfortable shooting. if you've fired a shotgun before, you should be familiar with the recoil, and be prepared for it when you shoulder. I prefer to hip mine when I'm firing in a re-enactment, but I prefer to shoulder it while on a firing line.
  4. Ordered blunderbuss

    I fell in love with the doglock they offered, and as soon as I could afford one, I bought it. Best money I ever spent. Nothing quite like touching off a 'buss.
  5. Chests

    Just bumping this up a bit: for those who just want to buy their ironwork hinges, you can find them at both Panther Primitives and also at Lehman's
  6. looking for a new Waistcoat/Wesket, and a shirt.

    sorry, lost my old password, and so I had to start anew. STILL interested here. And Financially, i'm doing much better, so let's talk prices and sizes. Looking for breeches/slops, as well as a sleeved waistcoat, or frock coat.
  7. Anybody there?, Anybody going? did a walkthrough on Friday, and will likely be going back next weekend. Snode's Farm, Minerva Ohio
  8. Religion during the GAoP

    You might want to do some research into the life of Cotton Mather too. since he had his hand in the hanging of pirates, as well as the burning of witches, and the slaughter of Indians.