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  1. Well it seem that the fair city of Port Jefferson, NY has decided to take the plunge and attempt a Pirate Festival with the HMS Bounty. It is in conjunction with the shooting of a reality TV show being filmed in and around Long Island. The premise is how can so many "horrible" things go wrong for this little Ad Agency. The pirates will come off the Bounty into town and wreak Havoc and Mayhem. If you're interested in being part of this, please contact me Lucretia Lacey My e-mail is and visit the website for the event They are looking for Pirates to come storming off the ship with guns and cannon blazing, so if you're looking for a way to end your season so to speak with a "bang" let us know.. You will get fed.. Thank ye kindly... Lucretia Ye Pyrate Brotherhood
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    almost forgot to put in who's the captain...sorry... had to go back and edit it.
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    Not sure if our crew is listed here or not. This here be Lucretia Lacey, Ships Boson of "Ye Pyrate Brotherhood" and the brigantine "Scorpion". We are located on the "Island of Long" (Long Island, NY). We be up for all things piratical, though aim toward lecturing, sharing of treasure for "wee one" (treasure hunts) and charitble works. Ye Pyrate Brotherhood-Captain James Bartholomew Hawke visit our website @ Thank you, Lucretia