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    acting, writing, sci-fi, history, puppetry, robotics, art, cultures, music (of various types), dragons, unicorns, fairy folk, fantasy, archery, swords, canons, travel (including method - boats, planes, autos), hubby, good friends, animals, prop and costume making (although I don't get much of a chance lately), photography, video, editing, special effects, myth and legends, illusions, magic.

About Me

Me- Christina. I was born to a reporter father and from that acquired a love for information and presentation. At the age of 8 I volunteered for my first play and began helping my dad out to do media training. It was.. umm.. cute. He'd do mock interviews with me then with the executives. Once they were 'awww' over the kid in the interview their guards were down and dad ate them alive.. So to speak. Then at 12, I co-hosted a cable show called the Mr. Toronto show. I was Kid Metro and covered the 'kid side of things in Toronto'. From there - Plays, Synth band, worked with my dad doing media training, Media rep for various groups, costumer for a while, prop maker as well, did some camera work with City and Tape Operator with Muchmusic. Trained for Master Control but 12 hours in a basement with tape machines and city mounted cameras to play with when bored. Nah... Worked for Paramount doing promos for 7 years. My first weapon was a a Klingon Bat'leth. Swords and archery are a major part of my life and have been for some time. Did 2 Ghost documentaries. Umm... Birthday parties and promo events. Face painting and prosthetic work is in there as well. Acting, writing, fight coordinating... Renfests (Ontario and Maryland), comic/sci-fi conventions... Indie films and larger productions. Behind and in front of the camera. In and out of the industry most of my life. Now live in BC with the same man I met at a Dr. Who connvention (1987) who is presently working with Stargate as a prop/model maker. Own and run the BC Renaissance Festival and Captain of the Jade Dragon. I have a three page 'performance related' resume and a 2 page behind the scenes and other stuff one.

Captain Charity? She 's a little off her rocker. She was created for the BCRF but has since become my main focus for gigs (parties, promos, events, etc..). I don't mind. She's a joy to do and the kids seem to really love her. Biker guys seem to also be starting a Charity fanclub. Scary! Must be the leather. The character is out of the early 1500s (which is cool as not many do early 1500s pirates) but it is easy to modify her (and the Jade Dragon Crew) to suit any time period. An ex noble, she sometimes does the 'I miss Marzipan' routine but has no issues with sucking it up and plowing ahead. The dynamics between the different crew's backgrounds makes for some great improv interaction.

You can easily find me on FaceBook (Christina Carr AKA Charity Ann Rackham - as well as a Jade Dragon Pirates page) and Myspace (carrhunger is the personal one and Jadedragonpirates is the other). ON the net the OLD personal page is: and the BCRF page is: and of course,

Any questions.. Just ask. Gotta dash.

May our ships pass peacefully in the night. Note I say nothing of the day.