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    acting, writing, sci-fi, history, puppetry, robotics, art, cultures, music (of various types), dragons, unicorns, fairy folk, fantasy, archery, swords, canons, travel (including method - boats, planes, autos), hubby, good friends, animals, prop and costume making (although I don't get much of a chance lately), photography, video, editing, special effects, myth and legends, illusions, magic.
  1. Secret Gift Exchange 2011

    I know.. But the energy will hold me over for many Christmas... What's the plural? Christmases? The little red and white cords are attached to my computer screen, the postcards are tucked away in a drawer (yes I kept those too) and the crossed anchors are with other pendants in my little jewelry drawer waiting for a chain to call home. You've been very kind and for that I am blessed. Thank you again.
  2. Just a curiosity... about reenactors

    I just had another quick thought about what you said... Honey... Wenching, boozing and such are not always part of a pirate's life. There are records of pirates who would never take part in such things as they still feared god's wrath. There were 'gentlemen pirates' who still clung onto much of what they learned in the courts. There was a strict political system on board a ship, that, if broken, a vote could be taken to dismiss another. Lashing and such was a last resort, especially if your crew was small. Same with being drunk. The last thing you need is weak drunks, unable to defend the ship if you were attacked. Many captains put restrictions on sex as well. If that is a port you visit often you don't want pregnant women or women with kids using God's Will to declare your crew stay and settle as the child MUST be theirs. Usually you saved your pennies and 'invested in a working woman' so that no claim could be made of the crew if she got preggers. So much is cut out of history to narrow it down to the basics or the cleanest or the most exciting for a restricting, frustrating society. We can't do it all in real life so it's exciting. On a side note. I have a physical body that, if it wasn't for the sword work I do, I'd be a mess. Some of us women are built for it so why not do it. I made it my profession. Some make it a hobby. But no matter what... We all love the excitement of long ago and out of reach.
  3. Just a curiosity... about reenactors

    No.. You got the right woman. As the sig says... Crew of The Jade Dragon, The 'crew' is 6 people (sometimes more if required but the core 6 remain stable) chosen by me for the use of performance as well as any social activities they wish to be part of. Children are only one portion of the entertainment. We've done many a corporate gig where content is less child friendly. I have really gone sailing. Both as Charity (for promos and such) and as 'me' (Christina is the real name). As me is better as I get to really learn instead of stopping what I'm doing every 10 minutes and pose for someone. I have fun with both. I just learn more in civies. Because what we do is physically interpreted (actors) we still, when the audience is right or it, do more of the 'closer to real' then other situations... In those cases Charity becomes a bitter, frustrated woman whose looking for a piece of male meat who may have bathed, in order to relieve her frustrations. Very masculine and very determined. Male prostitutes have existed as far back as Egyptian times. But again.... Actor... I m very dedicated to my hubby and would never sacrifice a marriage so some guy at a gig or event cn try to knock me up. But we're also not an R.P.G. We're in the public with real steel on our hips. I don't do RPGs... Well... There's one private small one I do in order to flex script ideas but that's it. I don't lik being stuck at a computer that much. I'd rather be swinging swords ior sailing on my friend's sail boat. Hope that helps.
  4. Just a curiosity... about reenactors

    Well... Sending a PM usually works for me. I do a lot of work to keep things going (the joys of being in charge) and miss a lot of posts I'd like to take part in... As much as I love history it is full of 'holes' which entertainers (like me) take advantage of. We live in a modern age where many women need to... Well... Make up for lost time... So to speak. More often then not they simply take the fact that, with such inaccurate records, there's little proof that most boys (especially in 'lower classes) were not young ladies. But as you said... You're interested in those of us who dress like women.... So here it is.... I'm an actor/writer/producer/director. I'm an actor, playing a character, with the intention and goal of giving the kids a taste of history, entertaining them, keeping thir attention and showing pride with the goal of inspiring them. Looking at the history of media developed characters and reading up as to how people (more parents) see the various interpretations of a strong female figure, I developed Charity to be proud to be female. Now... You will never see Charity in heels, a fluffy short skirt and anything she can't swing a sword in, as that wouldn't get her far. Besides... Not fond of it all... If you look at my bodice (1500s version of the character) it is designed to allow me to move but not my chest. Those puppies stay planted as I like my nipples where they are and if I popped out during a show... Well... Let's say the rating would have to change.... So when it comes to history, the outfit is made for a 'working woman' (gentlemen... Mind back on the subject please) but still shows that I am a woman. You'll also note that I never go on and on about rum, unhealthy foods, smoking... When I am in a public image situation. Especially when there are kids around. We keep some foods of the time with us (when we're able) so that we can educate but the only real talk of alcohol is one character stealing from another or mention of it when we talk about the sterilization of food and water. It makes the parents more comfy. It's also part of the reason I'm fairly strict with my physical state.... Or at least i try to be... Christmas is a killer... Parents want their kids to be inspired by a healthy image. Now... I have been caught with a cigar treat and I've had a few drinks while still in costume but always AFTER the day is done, I'm no longer performing and surrounded by adults (no kids). So... I do hope that helps. My pirate love may be 'historical based' but my pirate image is 'modern performance based' as it is connected to my business. Besides... Bandaging down an hourglass figure is painful and awkward. Later!
  5. Secret Gift Exchange 2011

    Hey honey. Don't feel so bad. I missed it to. They say fate has a funny way of dishing out 'balance' and my life has gotten so crazy I haven't had time to be here so I missed the deadline. But... I'm not going to fuss.. This year is excessively financially tight and I got some wonderful gifts last year. Not only did I get some cool items from my 'secret pirate Santa' ;-) but also my receiver sent me thank you gifts as well. She knows she didn't have to but it seems that she couldn't resist. One of the incredibly wonderful pieces sent to me last year (a little small silver ship pendant) was added to my Charity outfit (in front of the black obsidian) and is still there, reminding me of the love and luck gifted to me by a very special pirate lady.... So.. In a way... My gifts from last year filled me so much with happiness, that energy will last a few more Year's to come. So... Enjoy yourselves and hopefully, next year, I'll have some spare money to accomplish this again and spare time to visit the pub more often. Thank you again.
  6. Even though the robbery has financially and emotionally put me back, friends from 4 encampments are pulling together in order to see us at Portland Pirate fest. Thank you and we'll see you there.

  7. Sat July 30th BC Renaissanc​e Festival someone who seemed to know our patterns lied to security & got backstage.​ My tech (& ID-Wallet-​$) used to keep BCRF, JD, (& Me) goin​g was stolen. There's no insurance to replace these items. Villager Bianca has set up a donation pg. to recoup enough to replace the valuable tech & ID. Pass it on. http://bcr​enfest.chi​​placing-st​olen-items

  8. A Gentleman Pirate

    The Gentleman Pirate By: Christina Carr I began my days, in the courts Structure and control, my only resort I wore the clothing they told me to wear I held a status none could compare Then you, dear uncle, destroyed my life Took away my strength, status and rights My parents gone I had only you And I truly thought you'd see me through I gave you love, as much as I could In trade you'd support me, like you should But no, it was never meant to be That loved noble inside of me You tried to kill me and beat me down You made sure I would not be around And just as you thought you had won Your back was turned, your deeds undone Your problem is, oh blood of mine You thought you'd won but given much time You let me breathe by dismissing me I hated it but you set me free Your confidence, your smug power Your thoughts of success, feeding the hours You thought I could never survive Bugs you placed in the fellows inside Years separated from courts and love From images of lions and turtle doves The structure removed in pain and hurt There were days I thought nothing worse Then they came, pirates so bold Limping away from silver and gold They had lost their fight yet once again To my prison island, without a win They took me in, oh blood of mine I shared my knowledge and in time They found in me a captain not shown They found in me a way to grow I know your ships, your paths and law I know from inside, your structure, your claws I know where you will strike and all your friends Will eventually turn on you, in the end But now I sit, looking over the bow The time you have spent was not spent well You have wasted away on bitter thoughts In the courts, thinking 'win,' ignoring loss I miss my language, I miss my food I miss my structure, my well breed fools I miss my support, my clothes and class But being Captain some of that will last I will keep my voice, though they don't understand I will fight for support, from each and every man. I will work in a democracy, supportive, it's true I will fight against the real tyrants like you I will use my power to fight against man Yet stand beside those who can Live a real life, but I must confess I do miss the clothing, the courts, the rest I can never return, to that 'blessed' life A time where I was convinced all was right. I can never go back, I now know the fight. I can never return or loose sight It is so different, frustrating and tough But, dear society, I have had enough My tune has changed, a gentleman I will be And through this crew I have found the real me A lady I once was, blue blood and pure Now I question if I was ever sure A Countess of the courts, I thought I'd always be Now a gentleman pirate stands in front of thee God's servant and righteous soul Countess Dame Admiral Captain Charity Ann Rackham May our paths cross in ideal light And faith never lead us astray May our ships pass peacefully in the night. I say nothing of the day. ---------------------------- Now.. Where this came from? As an actor, writer, etc. I will always revisit characters I am still using in order to keep them fresh and growing. As Charity is not a character taken or based on any other existing characters/creations (Although some have made some personality comparisons) and is built from scratch AND even though I don't get to use all levels of Charity's existence and history (keeping things lighter for the kids and marketability) I feel a need to work on all of her levels so that when I perform script (especially at BCRF) I can find what I need in me to keep her alive and as real as the market will let me. I have always dreamed of having a chance to film something (A short, movie, etc.) where The Jade Dragon Crew can show that more 'dramatic side' and history of the story that began this adventure (as well as relationships between the characters and some of their origins) but budget and time will not allow that... Not yet. So I have to find a way to keep her alive. You see.. True actors find in their characters similar traits to themselves and much of what Charity has gone and is going through (trust and love leading to deception and then struggling to find trust and love in a different 'world' without being deceived again... AND holding onto what she thinks is the traits that make her who she is) is similar to some of my struggles. Since I can't afford to film it... Well... My biggest outlet is my poems. I just write them. Don't think much.. Just write them. This was written this morning as I waited on someone. I was going to memorise script but my mind went into a 'find her' place and there it wrote. So.... Instead of hiding it I shall present it to all of you. If you would like to share it in any way, I ask that you include this post piece as well and a credit. I hope you all like it and I hope my art is shared. Thank you for your energy and thank you for your love.
  9. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND!!! Rusty Scuppers was WICKED. Vows renewed, Good people by our side, mini brigs sailed, kids played with.. sigh... I hope to get some pics up here but plenty is up and happening on Facebook (Christina Carr - Jade Dragon Pirates). Now to focus on the BC Renaissance Festival. Source of rumours that we are cancelled found and presently being repaired. Canada Day Parade set. New MacKay hat present. I'm a very HAPPY woman.

  10. What do you hate in a pirate?

    You are forgiven but know that I also hate the thought of being left on an island with simply a pistol and one shot. I wouldn't wish it on myself so nor would I wish it upon you. SO NAH!
  11. Sorry for not popping by. Got busy with sending half the crew to Hat's Off Day and the other half in Steveston for Ship to Shore. This weekend Boat for Hope, Next weekend Langley Days, then Rusty Scuppers and then Canada Day. All the while rehearsal, edits and such. I'm crazy and loving it!!

    1. CharityRackham


      And today is my wedding anniversary. 20yrs. This Friday we get to take a sunset cruise on the Lady Washington to celebrate. On board, no costume, no obligations, no Ed (in other words no Cobbs and Charity) or crew (Well JD crew. They need their crew to be able to sail).. just Martin and I (& a few ticket buying public). sigh.

  12. One for two

    A day of unhindered plunderin' of merchant vessels. The quartermaster's responsibility is to see that the crew has what they require and it is my job, as Captain, to see that the Quartermaster is doing his job. What better way to have him do his job then give him the opportunities. Hmmmm.. Now let's see.... AH!!! Job as a gunner or job as a Cabin Boy? (both with their own form of risk.)
  13. Leviathan nomination

    I guess I was able to get something together in time after all http://www.abcaction...-at-pirate-days "Canibal Chrispy is everywhere!!" "Keep that guy away from your daughters." Both very valid statements. Sweet deal. And your wife is a lucky woman. Very clever man. I saved the 'story' you wrote me a few months ago and still pull it out to read when I need to. The Brethren is blessed with your presence.
  14. You Tube Pirate Videos

    OH! Also: Rusty Scrupper's Pirate Daze Promo on the Lady Washington <iframe width="853" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> The Lady Washington, Both Mayors and my crewmates who made it out, were wonderful. Thank you all.
  15. You Tube Pirate Videos

    Ok.. I'll bite... The story behind this video please. AND Brilliant!!