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    acting, writing, sci-fi, history, puppetry, robotics, art, cultures, music (of various types), dragons, unicorns, fairy folk, fantasy, archery, swords, canons, travel (including method - boats, planes, autos), hubby, good friends, animals, prop and costume making (although I don't get much of a chance lately), photography, video, editing, special effects, myth and legends, illusions, magic.

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  1. Sat July 30th BC Renaissanc​e Festival someone who seemed to know our patterns lied to security & got backstage.​ My tech (& ID-Wallet-​$) used to keep BCRF, JD, (& Me) goin​g was stolen. There's no insurance to replace these items. Villager Bianca has set up a donation pg. to recoup enough to replace the valuable tech & ID. Pass it on. http://bcr​enfest.chi​​placing-st​olen-items