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    acting, writing, sci-fi, history, puppetry, robotics, art, cultures, music (of various types), dragons, unicorns, fairy folk, fantasy, archery, swords, canons, travel (including method - boats, planes, autos), hubby, good friends, animals, prop and costume making (although I don't get much of a chance lately), photography, video, editing, special effects, myth and legends, illusions, magic.

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  1. Sorry for not popping by. Got busy with sending half the crew to Hat's Off Day and the other half in Steveston for Ship to Shore. This weekend Boat for Hope, Next weekend Langley Days, then Rusty Scuppers and then Canada Day. All the while rehearsal, edits and such. I'm crazy and loving it!!

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      And today is my wedding anniversary. 20yrs. This Friday we get to take a sunset cruise on the Lady Washington to celebrate. On board, no costume, no obligations, no Ed (in other words no Cobbs and Charity) or crew (Well JD crew. They need their crew to be able to sail).. just Martin and I (& a few ticket buying public). sigh.