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  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    I still don't understand why it can't be left as a reference book, with any further comments and registration closed...
  2. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    And even this pub itself can remain closed for new registrations but open to search and retrieve the information in it. This is what I am advocating for. To keep it online but read only.
  3. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Why don't you leave it online, read-only, not "committing it to the depth", only switching off registrations and letting it remain the source of information for the present and future generations? Many forums are treated this way after getting closed, and I consider it way better. For me, turning the forums offline is equivalent to burning books after having read them once, instead of leaving them to be read by the posterity. And why would you want to SELL it? Information is free and it is supposed to circulate free, in order to enlighten many people. If having a price on it, it will arrive to only few people... I am sad to let it go, but I would be even sadder to see it deleted/ turned offline, when it comprises a tremendous load of information. Please, reconsider! Turn off posting and registrations (in order not to get spam) and let it live its old age undisturbed! Also, where are you moving to? I mean, I'd like to know the new tavern the pirates are gathering in, to come to the experts with my strangest questions from time to time .
  4. How to split 2 ships and chase only one?

    You got the deserved credits for your help here under "Thank you" graphic (but the thread will be visible most likely since tomorrow. Today the November issue of the Chronicles isn't going to be released yet. However, I posted it already as a reminder because tomorrow will be a busy day and I might forget to publicly share my thanks for you).
  5. How to split 2 ships and chase only one?

    Thank you, Coastie and Mission! I think this was what the crew needed to hear! <3 (In truth they won't split and will fight, catching it in the middle, because they are less merchant ships than the villains believe )
  6. As usual, I need some brainstorming with you, seasoned pyrates, so please help. A pirate ship - and most of them weren't too big - wants to attack what they think to be two (also small) merchant ships travelling together. But most likely they can't fight two ships at once, so they need to separate them and attack one. Any ideas how to separate them? (The strategy isn't necessary to actually work - just to sound logically to the pirate crew when hearing it). Because they are going to lose anyway...
  7. Tea!

    Tea was a colonial delicacy, so it was precious when being looted. Tea and coffee had a high value.
  8. Secret Gift Exchange 2015

    This year I am staying out. Sorry, but it's more and more difficult to send things outside the European Union. I guess I have been in it since 2010 or 2011.
  9. Ahoy Thar!

    Glad to have you among us. If you have a website, you'd better put it in your signature, like I do. It makes for a better advertising. We are here all kind of pirates - the reenacting kind, the teaching kind, the writing kind, the crafting kind. I am the writing kind; are you? What country are you from? I am sailing to you from the Black Sea, from Romania.
  10. Liverpool was the main sailing point then.
  11. The Capt. Bo has a boat!!!

  12. Sport and competitions

    Well, we know which kind of competitions are now at public fairs of all kind. But which kind of competitions were spicing a harbour town's holidays? I know there were cockfights, dog fights someplaces, there were men brawling and the winner took a part of the bets (ancestor of nowadays boxing)... I had heard that in Scotland there were big logs to be lifted and thrown away by strong men. Which kind of sport competitions (ie showing the men's strength) were in the 1700s? Perhaps archery, I guess, but what more?
  13. Did pirates have funerals?

    I think it depends on where they were. You know, if close to an uninhabited island/ cay or to Tortuga (close like one day distance or less), they might want to burry the body. If not, the traditional sew him in his hammock and send him overboard. I think there were prayers said (as accurately or not as they could remember, but they wouldn't risk to send a man on his last trip without a prayer at all - sailors of all kind were a superstitious bunch) then eventually say something about him, drink a glass in his memory and... see about his goods (which might be sold at the main mast).