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    shooting, my kids, history, building obscure outdated things that nobody but a history nut would understand, 4 wheeling, hunting, Pirates, Tall ships, Colonial and F and I reenacting.....etc...
  1. JAck Sparrow (Perry) Pistol Parts F/S

    Will take $180 plus shipping....
  2. JAck Sparrow (Perry) Pistol Parts F/S

    Try this: alot of the parts are gone: I'll have to get a pic of the barrel....but its pretty basic
  3. Slops

    Sorry guys, I did forget that part.....sized 36-38....
  4. Slops

    I got these from here from Liam McMac.....Nice made, there is a small tea or oil stain on the leg......I wore these once on a float trip. Asking $50 plus a tad for shipping....
  5. Hand sewn coat

    Hand sewn by me from a 1750's coat pattern I modified a tad. Wool outer with a 100% linen liner, sewn with linen thread. I think I added copper buttons and there might be pewter on the cuffs. I tried to make it around a 46, but it still got a tad bigger. $100. and some shipping OBO
  6. I have the sideplate and buttcap in brass, an octagon to round .50 cal barrel and a black walnut stock blank (no inletting) along with misc. lock parts and rammer thimbles..... First $200 plus shipping takes it Wes
  7. Surgery sale

    Breeches are gone, but I edited the post to show what is still available.
  8. How do you age brass quickly?

    Brush it down with vinegar, its pretty quick
  9. Surgery sale

    Selling my stuff to cover bills while I recover from shoulder surgery: Cold Steel brand cutlass, very sharp!! Has scabbard and shoulder rig.......$200 New canvas slops...has a stain on the leg, but it was there I got these from Liam...............................$75 Green Wool weskit with working pockets Lined, has thistle buttons $75 (Im a size 46 in jackets) I'll try to get some better pics, alot of the stuff I am wearing in my avatar below:
  10. I got my pack yesterday....theres some really cool work in those little cards!!
  11. Found this on a board I frequent: http://www.ageofnelson.org/Document09.html Enjoy!
  12. Free Treasure Chest... WE HAVE A WINNER!

    I'll jump on a game of chance!! And I can spread it to my friends Boy Scout troop so it will bw appreciated and used well. Not meaning anyone else wont appreciate it....
  13. Gift Exchange 2011?

    The gift exchange consists of you submitting your name. Then Names are drawn and you will send a gift to the person whose name you have drawn. I dont remember a price limit, but if you sign on to participate you have to follow through, or the person you draw gets hosed. I am sure Duchess will chime in with her official rules......
  14. Gift Exchange 2011?

    I'm in again!!
  15. powdering walnut hulls

    when you grind them, wear a mask!! I have an old cast grain mill in the basement that might work, put the hulls into a cloth bag and bust them up with a hammer to get better sized working bits. The grain mill I have is adjustable, and I can go from cracked corn to fine flour in a fairly short time. It just clamps onto my work bench. I think I PM'd you my phone number, call me tomorrow and you can borrow it to get your hulls done. Wes