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  1. Behaving in a Golden Age Tavern

    Sorry about that; didn't realize the links weren't working for you. The card brawl Brouwer's other brawl Van Ostade's knife fight ETA: Sorry, looks like I'm experiencing some technical difficulties. I'll take care of it in a moment. ETA2: Fixed it.
  2. Behaving in a Golden Age Tavern

    I found some tavern brawl pics. Peasants Brawling over Cards by Adriaen Brouwer Streitende Bauern in einem Wirtshaus by Brouwer Brawl by Adriaen van OstadeThis one has knives!
  3. What's in a Name?

    If it helps, I have a list of period English names on my blog, including surnames. It's not an exhaustive list, and I can't vouch for how common most of them are, though it might be possible to take a good guess. Other helpful sites are the Medieval Names Archieve (they have names from the early 1600s), British History Online, or a really good genealogy site (for example, Alliance-Généalogie was a great help for finding French Names). I'm starting to regret dragging my feet on putting up my other name lists. They need a lot of work, though, before they're ready for the internet.
  4. I would love to see the look on their faces if you actually did tell them that! Yeah, I was afraid of that. Funnily enough, I first started wondering about revisionist re-enactors when someone on the writers forum who was a Civil War re-enactor bemoaned how "revisionists have written the bulk of the history of the Civil War". He also mentioned some other things that made me wonder if he was of the Poor Innocent South Vs. the Evil North school of thought, but I was too scared to ask.
  5. I posted this here because it's a general re-enactment question and not just a pirate question. Feel free to move this thread if I put it in the wrong place. I've been curious about something for a while, and This Publishing Fiasco had me thinking about it again. Have any of you ever encountered a re-enactor who was also into pseudohistory. Not just some guy who took his history cues from Disney; I'm talking real, agenda-driven, eff-those-hidebound-fools revisionism. Like someone doing the pirate-freemason-templar in all seriousness. Or perhaps a WW2 re-enactor who denies the Holocaust - out of character. How do you handle it? Do most re-enactment groups have rules that prevent such nonsense?
  6. Members with Similar Screen Names

    Serves me right for freaking out like that! Now that I've calmed down and am not worried about my identity anymore, maybe I should feel sorry for Redd Dawnn. They might've watched the same crappy commie invasion movie I did and couldn't think of a better name, either.
  7. Members with Similar Screen Names

    So I have nothing to worry about? I won't need to change my screen name or anything? That's a relief!
  8. This person is not me. WTH?! Redd Dawnn?! Now what should I do?
  9. Random Topics

    Remember Jacques Cousteau? Or seen his son Jean-Michel on PBS? This guy has!
  10. The cutest thing I saw today...

    Technically not the cutest thing I saw today, but I thought this was the best thread to put it in. And then Cybertron declared war on Earth.
  11. What pirates did not have...

    I've got your unicorne right here! I don't think it's period correct, though. On a serious note, I've heard earrings were either rare or non-existant among sailors.
  12. Random Rabbits

    Hey, you're right!
  13. Random Rabbits

    I would gladly for you, bun-bun!
  14. Female Pirates

    Thanks, guys! So as long as she wasn't built like Dolly Parton, it could work as far as the clothes go. Does this mean she'd simply be treated as a woman with poor taste in clothes? So much for her hopes that wearing men's clothes would keep the men's hands to themselves. Groin punches will definitely be in order. So that would be a good method of detection for about a month or so after she joins a crew.