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  1. Rock Hall's Pirates & Wenches Fantasy Weekend

    Another Great Rock Hall Pirate and Wenches Weekend. I am Very Proud of my Crew for taking The Greybeard Cup for Best decorated boat. We all had a Great Time. We Drank, We Partied, We Laughed, and We Plundered!!!! If your looking for some pics of the event check out Capn Antonio Malasses
  2. Pirates of Catan

    That is an Amazing Idea! Might I ask how you determine if the cup is pewter? and how you go about removing the glass before melting the pewter? Thank you for the idea. Capn Antonio Malasses
  3. Pirates of Catan

    I have been thinking of using pewter, lead, or zinc. I work for an automotive company so lead is easy to come by. Zinc is tougher but not impossible. I also remembered that one of my buddy has a bunch of metal miniatures from back in our gaming days. (most likely made of lead or white metal) I reached out to him about getting them to melt down and recast. I can not speak to the food safety of any of these metals. Well except for lead which is obviously DON"T USE IT!. If I cast my pieces in lead they will get a good cleaning and solid coating of paints and sealers. I acquired a few ships this week to use as templates for my casting. I'm not that great at carving so soapstone would be difficult. I got a BEAUTIFUL ship piece from the Pirate's Demise game over at ShipShape Games ( Also I got a few ships from the Pirates of the Caribbean Treasure Hunt DVD Game. I plan to fill in the PotC pieces with some clay to make them sturdier and easier to cast. (The Ship Shape Games pieces are Awesome as they are.) Then I'll mold each piece in RTV Silicone before casting them in the metals that I decide on. Wish Me Luck Capn Antonio Malasses
  4. Pirates of Catan

    Thank you Guys! Some GREAT IDEAS!! I did some research and found that I can use silicone molds on low melting metals. this way the molds are reusable which means they won't have to be formed every time I want to cast like the Sand Casting Molds. I'm getting my piece Design together now then I will work on the molds and acquiring the metal. Thanks Again Mateys Capn Antonio Malasses
  5. Pirates of Catan

    Ahoy! I am a Huge fan of board games. My favorite being Settlers of Catan. I own many copies of the game but they all have one major flaw; Durability. The tiles and cards are all made out of cardboard which tends to bend or warp over time. I am working on making a copy of the game out of sealed wood this way they are stronger and more resistant to water damage. I've decided that while I'm at it I'm going to tailor the game to my interests and make a Pirates of Catan. The issue I'm having is with the actual game pieces. In Settlers of Catan the players work with 2 types of pieces: Settlements and Cities. I'd like to do something along the lines of Ship and Hideouts or 2 different size ships. Maybe Sloops and Frigates. Although Carving the pieces out of wood would look nice it would be too time consuming. I'd LOVE to have metal pieces but I have no way to cast them. My latest idea is to use a 2 part resin and make Plastic duplicates of other pieces that I like. The ships from Dread pirate will work GREAT and I happen to have that game. That just leaves me with making the 2nd type of piece. I can't seem to find other game pieces or pirate knick knacks that I could make a mold of for game pieces. Any ideas would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! I did find this game online: Pirates Demise I tried to contact the manufacturer about buying some pieces from them but have gotten no response. I would Really Appreciate some help Thank Ye Capn Antonio Malasses
  6. Saggy Leather Boots

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I think I will attach some elastic or snaps. Thanks Capn Antonio Malasses
  7. Saggy Leather Boots

    Yea I had done that and there are a few ideas but then other people say "You're screwed" I was wondering if there was some old pirate trick or a proven method out there Thanks Capn Antonio Malasses
  8. Saggy Leather Boots

    I've this pair of leather boots for years. Over time they've gotten wet a few times getting on and off the ship and the boots have begun to sag pretty badly. Any ideas on how to keep me leather boots erect? I don't want to be walking around with saggy leather flopping around. Thank you for your help in advance Capn Antonio Malasses
  9. Working on new leather mugs and a sweet new baldric

  10. Preparing ourselves for Rock Hall's Pirates and Wenches

  11. Scottish Buckle Sets for Baldrics

    Are these for Sale? If so How much?
  12. Pirate Bar Tops

    I added some updated pics of The B-Low Deck Bar into my gallery. Still a few things I want to do including adding taps into the barrels for my homebrew and some decorating. But all that will happen with time. Check out my gallery If you are interested. Capn Antonio Malasses
  13. Just posted new pics of The B-Low Deck Bar. Still a WIP

    1. Jas. Hook

      Jas. Hook

      Looks good! Just cover over the sewer pipe to make it look like the main mast. ;>)

  14. Bathroom

    From the album Capn Malasses' Travels

    Towel rack above the sink in the bathroom
  15. Bathroom Cabinet

    From the album Capn Malasses' Travels

    Medicine cabinet in the bathroom