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  1. The Steampunk's Forge

    Safety glasses and welding goggles both, although I may get a welding mask instead. Or possibly all three. I'll just see how things go. I signed up for a welding course at the college I'll be attending in September, so I'll be taught the proper safety precautions and whatnot then.
  2. Pipe Smoking

    Ah, that. No, I cut that bit off. It's the tobacco behind that which I put into my pipe. If it's blackened, I consider it used and so not salvageable. Normally when I have a cigar I'll smoke it down until there is about an inch and a half to two inches left. After that, I cut off the smoked pieces and dissect the cigar to salvage the pieces of tobacco that are still unused. This way I enjoy the cigar to the fullest and waste nothing, but I also don't get a mouthful of blech...
  3. Pipe Smoking

    Thanks for all your replies, I wasn't expecting much activity in this thread. Hook, I'm afraid I don't know what you mean by "concentrated crap" from a cigar. In my experience, it tastes just as good in the pipe as it did when I first lit one up and alternatively I can use it to sweeten the tobacco I have if the two blend well. I will try finding some Captain Black when I can, it's added to a list of tobaccos to track down, and thank you for that ditty. Perhaps I'll write something about tobacco as well... Sorry to hear about your loss, Callenish. It seems you can't leave anything you own out of your sight in public anywhere. There's always somebody looking to snag something nice as soon as they get the chance to.
  4. Pipe Smoking

    I haven't tried a clay pipe before, but if I like it more than what I have now It would probably replace what I'm using as well.
  5. Pipe Smoking

    That all looks good. I'll have to see about getting a clay pipe when I can, that would look better with my outfit too. More fitting for the time period. I forgot to mention that I do have a corncob pipe. I smoke the corncob while I'm at home or while I'm letting the brier wood dry and I smoke the brier pipe while I'm out or letting the corncob dry. I don't use a filter and I read somewhere that switching pipes like so is a good way to take care of them in place of replacing the filters.
  6. Pipe Smoking

    I'm curious, who here smokes and what? I smoke all natural sun dried American tobacco in a brier wood pipe and I also smoke, on special occasions, Grenadier cigars. The pipe I started smoking because of my grandpa, the cigars I started smoking because of my brother. Also I found out General Patton smoked the same type of cigar so that made me like them a little more. Once I smoke the cigar down enough, I split it open and smoke the remaining tobacco through my pipe. I tried cigarettes, I didn't really care for them. When I did try them I smoked "Capri"(something my brother smokes) and I tried Marlboro due to my uncle. Neither of them compare to the pipe or the cigar. I also tried Swisher Sweets "Cigarillos," I call them cigarette/cigar half-breeds. They wannabe cigars, but they ain't. So what do you smoke?
  7. DeviantArt Pirates

    I have a deviant account, but I have to dig it up. I'm not an artist myself nor do I do photography so at the moment I don't have much to share, but give me some months or maybe a year and the college courses should kick in. I'll be doing graphics design so I should have something to post as the result of what I learn.
  8. The Steampunk's Forge

    That's a great idea and I probably wouldn't have thought of it, at least not for awhile. Thanks, Capt Scurvy.
  9. The Steampunk's Forge

    Safety is a very good tip. Workshop advice and any opinions at all are also appreciated, by the way. I learned the importance of proper safety precautions when I first started wood burning. I made the mistake of working while tired, my hand slipped and the burner met one of my fingers just long enough to leave a blister. Ever since then I have kept the necessary medical equipment handy just in case that happens again. A glass of ice water, tube of burn cream and a band-aid, preferably applied in that order. Yes, brass is definitely important. And wood, and leather, and depending on the project maybe some rope and tubing. EDIT: I forgot to say, I bookmarked those links you provided and will be checking them out when I have more time. Thanks, Adam.
  10. The Steampunk's Forge

    I've decided, with much gratitude to Patrick Hand, to start setting up a hopefully inexpensive workshop for making my steampunk equipment. Since I'll be just starting out with this for the most part, I thought I'd make a thread to discuss the tools and set up often used for these projects and perhaps projects that are similar. It's just forge discussion in general. So far, here is a list I have in no particular order of things to get and some things I already have. Propane Torch Dremel Grinder Propane Tank Drill Hammers Knives Carving tools Saw Anvil Workbench Some miscellaneous equipment for specific projects And red bull or coffee(caffeine fuels the imagination) Is there anything I'm missing? Any advice you have? Or just anything you do differently?
  11. Steampunk Weapons

    I can't go to wal-mart from here, it's to far for me to walk and I don't have my own car. The only way for me to get there is with the help of someone who isn't aloud there, she worked there then got injured so she sued them and she won. lol, but I'll see if I can find the other bits and pieces to set something out in the garage. After some serious thought put into my priorities I decided it would not only be more fun, but it would be much cheaper(thus safer in my relationship) to just make the stuff myself. Then I can also make stuff for other people I know and maybe earn some money with it. We'll just have to see what happens. Thank you for the advice. Edited to fix a type(accidentally said "less" cheaper when I meant it would be cheaper) and to add that your latest creation looks great.
  12. Steampunk Equpment- Sky Pirate in Need

    I'll take a look to see if I can find a pair. Leather isn't hard to come by here, I can get straps for cheap just down the street. I don't think I'll need a whole lot for what I have in mind, but if I need more I think there is a donation store somewhere around here where I can get used leather clothing.
  13. Future Airships

    Aye, I keep forgetting that I don't have to clarify that I'm not insane here. lol, I've been picked on tremendously in the past for being so imaginative. The imagination is the best tool of an author though, no imagination means no story production.
  14. Future Airships

    This thread wasn't where I intended to post this, but while discussing various airships, mostly zeppelins, my brother and Ilooked up some pics of airships and found a fleet exactly like what I wish I could lead. Battleships, submarines(not entirely sure why),aircraft carriers, it's got it all and they all fly. If my alternate reality could be made a reality, it would look something like this. EDIT: I do realize my alternate reality is a fantasy. I just find it relaxing to dream about. My brother, being more the scientific type, already explained why this is most likely impossible, but even he did confess it would be awesome.
  15. Requesting a Jolly Roger

    I was originally going to take my flag here to be finished and use their results as the official flag, or at least as the one we carry around. Now that I see other people make flags here, I'm not so sure. I'll have to compare quality and prices. Do you mean William makes the flags or just makes the design?