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  1. The Charles Towne Few

  2. Hoping to organize a fine festival in Charleston, SC

  3. Ahoy mates, I think it's about time that Charleston, South Carolina had its own pirate festival. That's why I'm going to try and organize one. My plan would be to theme the festival around Blackbeard's blockade of Charles Town in 1718. I hope to be able to find a tall ship that would stand in as the Queen Anne's Revenge. There would be a pub crawl, a pirate camping area, and many other activities for both re-enacting pirates and families alike. I would love to be able to get a musical act, like Cap'n Bogg and Salty or the like. Charleston is rich in history and would be a great place to have such a festival. So, I really just want to know what my mates think of this idea. Would you lot on the east coast come and enjoy? How about folks from afar? Any suggestions that you may have would be great, and for any festival organizers who have advice, I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks.