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  1. Is anyone going to St. Louis Pirate Fest this Year?

    If all goes well Master Alan and I will be there as always.
  2. A fine looking vessel sir!
  3. Fort De Chartres Winter Rendezvous

    This is a wonderful event to attend but you do need to prepare for ALL weather. As for attending this event it is "iffy" for Master Alan and my self(being so close to deer season). As to the woods walk I would sugjest that if you have never done one you pick a team at random and folow along as an observer. The fort requires full stock flint lock long arms for participation in the woods walk, if Master Alan and I can attend we would most certainly throw in with any one that wants to form a team.
  4. Period Wool Blankets

    A major issue has arisen and you will most probably not see any more Wilde weavery blankes for sale. That being said the knowledge and research already done by themis still there for the asking. I believe my son recieved one of the last blankets she had for sale. A major travasty for sure wilde blankest are a pleasure to sleep in they will shed water(within reason), and are softer than any I have ever spent the night in, warm as toast I spent a frosty weekend sleeping on the ground, in a Missouri river bottom and spent tow tollerable knights there(only one blanket)!!
  5. Period Wool Blankets

    You might contact C.J. Wilde of the Wilde weavery she made my blankets on an antique Irish loom if any one was to be able to give you the information you are loking for it would be her. She does alot of research before she makes any pattern(color or weave pattern) for her blankets. Besides being all around good people she and her husdband are VERY detail oriented. The blankets they normaly emulate are form the F and I period or Rev war. They are the best I could find or afford(they are not cheap one was almost $700 and my sons was just over $500)
  6. The Sailor's Knife Soapbox

    I would think that any knife COULD be a sailors knifeas long as it rides comfortably comes to hand quickly and is capable of holding a razors edge is a sailors knife especialy a pirate's. That being said I carry a opinel carbon steel folder in my waistcoat pocket at all itmes at events. I also carry a "hammer knife" when I am demonstrating rope work in my working attire. Whem dressed in my finery I carry a windlass steel craft "sailors knie" in my sash. Around my neck usualy hangs a sheeps foot blade that a friend made for me. All of the afore mentioned knives meet my personal standard for a sailors knife. So even if you do not see them they are always close at hand.
  7. Muster of the Mercury

    We would be willing, of course, but what of you crew? We tend to harbor and feed the orphans who are without crew or company. I have no objection!! Would love to have them Sir! Welcome..
  8. Blades for arming Lob

    Master Alan also would like to comtribute a miniture dragon pistol and blunderbuss if you think it apropriate for his persona.
  9. Blades for arming Lob

    with weapons like that I would expect a nice seven buckle rapier cariage would be in order!!!!!!
  10. Antique Navaja Knife

    OUCH!!! Sorry to hear that. Aren't these the knives that we were discussing some at Fort De Chartres? I'd love to put that to my grinder for sure! Beautiful workmanship. Bo You and me both. And yes that is a small one....
  11. Wooden drinking vessels

    My time in a pofessional kitchen tells me that a nonpourus plastic board is the way to go but they are murder on your knives. When butchering venison, beef, poultry, or fish I always reach for the plastic, breads on the other hand are always cut on a board. The only reason for the change it the dificulty in sharpening the serated knife if it where easier I would reach for the plastic. They are easier to clean and require almost no maintance. Just my tupence.
  12. Antique Navaja Knife

    If I had not just spent $1100 on my truck that would be mine for sure.
  13. Roll Call - Fort de Chartres 2011

    Wow Lob got a bath!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the pic's the bo'sun's mate will be so happy!!! Thanks Michael and Kate...I still can't belive Lob sat for a bath and pictures!!!! That was one brave washer woman!
  14. St. Louis Earthquake

    This was the first I heard of it so it must not have been all that bad here!!!!!! Been out all day and no radio.
  15. Stock Blanks

    OOPS!!! I did not see that the wife was loged in. still excited!!!!!!!