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  1. Pirate Concept Art

    haha, its been a while ! just wanted to thank u all for ya feed back :) last year i got into my uni and its going well, i was practicing digital painting etc today just wanted to post it here :)
  2. Pirate Concept Art

    will do
  3. Pirate Concept Art

    i have a few but im really really busy, if i can ill post my work in a few weeks sorry gertie i got 2 weeks left of college im getting my focus on!
  4. Pirate Concept Art

    yeah i am taken Gertie advice on m static poses done a few sketches to experiment before hand 10 sketches per page planning on doing more through out my development book got the lay out from this sketch for bugs bunnys first cartoon in 1940s a wild hare
  5. Pirate Concept Art

    haha i was looking at them earlier thinking ;O oh snap was i meant to post my work there and not on the forums ! im totally surprised to have a impact on the forum as small as it may be, and yeah a lot of the drawings are pretty damn good, id be proud to claim them as my own work XD. yeah i have a portfolio btw gertie its what got me in wit ease :) I need to learn to drive before i can take such a bold commitment though ;f going london this saturday with my family to look at the maratime muesum and the golden hinde for this project ! well last term i didnt finish one of my projects, i had the idea to try create a prehistoric game and i had to design everything but i just kinda gave up on the idea when it came to designing. I only draw my best when i love the idea or have a great sense of direction with my project :) Atm i just love the pirate gear, i love the flintlocks and tricorne hats and sea boots(despite its authenticity ) in pirate garb. I dont know why but I really want a tricorne hat XD im just in love with pirate costume atm helps with my designs :)
  6. Pirate Concept Art

    It's obvious you have some real skill. In University your feedback will not always be as gentle as <ahem> it is here. It's good you are willing to listen. Stories abound of people working in animation being told their work is "crap" by their bosses.So- don't take it personally, and take the criticism as it is given- all in the name of making you a better artist. Now- to work on your posing! Your posing so far is a bit static. Try - for your next drawing - to make it more dynamic. Not facing square to the viewer- but either a three quarter pose, with some movement. If these drawings are going into your portfolio- this would be the perfect kind of drawing to attempt! yeah defiantly, gonna try a mid combat pose for my next sketch ;D! sad story gertie such a great shame. I hope I make it to the point were i get paid to do what i love doing, whilst listening to Boney M . Im going to hertfordshire university :) was my first interview and i got offered a place on the day! i was so chuffed ! since it was my best option i didnt go to all of interviews only 2/4
  7. Pirate Concept Art

    well my life drawing teacher said to me recently that it was good to teach a student that genuinely enjoys drawing for a change im glad it shows in my work :) Funny enough im studying concept art for games and films at University when i start there in september. Ill get taught how to take my traditional skills digitally there, i didnt want to give the impression that im some fine arts student ;o I just progressed through trial and error, self teaching the mechanics of shading, anatomny etc with guidence from teachers along the way. Ive only started getting feedback online this year and its made a big impact on my ability so far ! so thanks again
  8. Pirate Concept Art

    New Re worked the leg. Really happy with its stance now :)! thanks for the feedback everyone I read every word :)! stay tuned for more
  9. Pirate Concept Art

    another sketch. lowered hat, maybe needs more lowering, tried drawing a waist coat for a change. the torso looks quite flat to me but im still working on it. the proportions look pretty solid i edited the left leg in the picture because it had a awkward pose before hand :) also i tried the pose on my self this time and this is how i found my feet facing. 1 forward and one pointing away, i think i should of faced the left foot inwards a little more tho
  10. Pirate Concept Art

    its fine, ive found some information really helpful anyway. thanks for taking the time to post
  11. Pirate Concept Art

    yeah well im still 17 and studying in college but this project will enable me to get my place at uni :) i can draw feet i just haven't made the effort here ill definitely put more effort into the next few sketches for you guys! :) on a totally unrelated drawing this was something a drew a few months ago. This was a small chunk of some anatomy research i did when i was designing a character :) i know know that i was slightly enlarging the calf muscles etc just thought this picture kinda showed a more complete drawing ^-^ feet n all :) this is a few months old as well
  12. Pirate Concept Art

    i have a feeling u would believe me if i said it but i kinda realized when i was drawing the baldric that if i put a sword in here it would balently fall out i just couldnt be bothered with re drawing it lazy ! thanks for the feedback regardless tho :)!
  13. Pirate Concept Art

    yeah the sword in the last drawing looks more like a scimitar XD wasnt looking at my cutlass research when i drew it thanks alot ;D!
  14. Pirate Concept Art

    The body has some nice work- you are working the angles and some of the contours really well- but the shoes are still- not even cartoony. Feet are hard- but that is where I would suggest you practice. I know- I'm having problems with feet and hands now myself- your hands are coming along nicely. Also, perhaps practice more dynamic poses, not just side or dead on views, try 3/4 views, explore the movement of the body. Explore foot stance, and balance. Explore angles, and perspective. just my 2 shillings. cheers, the poses came out of my head so yeah the feet arent really a area im concerned with and in the middle drawing i just rushed them to convey the stance cheers for the tips tho
  15. Please I need some help with my research :)!

    sorry for double post ;x just updating because ive started designing here in this thread, thanks again for your feedback guys