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  1. The Four Years Voyages of Capt. George Roberts. Written by Himself [Really by D. Defoe]. This is my new topic. I am inquirying because in Cordingly's book it gets in detail about a Capt. Roberts who is captured by Low and his pirate squadron in Sept. 1721 off Cape Verde Islands. Was this book actually written by Dafoe or Roberts? Because if this is a work of fantasy then would it be safe to assume that the whole detailed story of Roberts to be false like Low's flag "green flag with yellow man blowing a trumpet and Low having this compassionate side towards Roberts and his ship. The title, I got from and that was the description.
  2. Edward Low was he the worst?

    Guys, I am really wondering if you can label Low the cruelest of all Golden Age Pirates? I ask this and am wondering because he had consorts like Lyne, Spriggs, Shipton, Cooper. Harris, etc. I have read and correct me if, i am wrong Spriggs was cruel and Lyne was a consort of Spriggs and he murdered all the crews he captured. I am curious to know more and a reference to Low actually using a Green Flag to summon his captains for a meeting? Foxe maybe you can help on the flag and post it, i went on your Bonventure (Pirate Mythtory) site and it was not found did you take it off the net? Second Part-- In your guys humble opinions what do you think happened to Low as to his fate?
  3. Pirate Ship names list

    I was trying to keep it around the Golden Age of Piracy thats why, i did not include the Black Joke, I put Dampier in because he had a ship Roebuck during that time. Thanks
  4. Pirate Ship names list

    I added quite a few also added a Pirate named Lane, Does anyone know his first name he sailed with England describes in detail his boat in Johnson's book?
  5. Pirate Ship names list

    made alot of updates on ships.
  6. Pirate Ship names list

    Dont forget if, i was a pirate and had a ship, she would be called Rosey Palm and Her Five Sisters... Tartan Jack lets go with your list if you want to captain this project and add the guns and ship type on your revised list and also put what Daniel has added?
  7. Pirate Ship names list

    I hope we can make a master list of all of them and agree with Foxe on adding type of ship and guns she carried. Thank you Daniel and Tartan for the help also. I did not know Condon was Condent makes sense how similar the name is.
  8. Pirate Ship names list

    Does anyone have the ship names for Emanuel Wynn, Black Caesar, Nicholas Brown, John Fenn? I ran out of captains and ships my brain is shutting down.
  9. Pirate Ship names list

    I dont know if this has been started, I thought it would be cool to start a list of all pirate ships with names. If you guys know any other names these captains used please add them. To be continued.... William Kidd- Adventure Galley, Galley-Frigate 34 Guns Adventure Prize (formerly Queda Merchant ex-Moorish Ship) 34 Guns 400 tons John Bowen- Speaking Trumpet, ex-slaver 50 guns 450 tons Speedy Return, Brig Blackbeard- Queen Anne's Revenge, ex-French slaver flute 40 guns 250 tons Adventure, sloop 6 Guns Bartholomew Roberts Little Ranger, sloop 10 Guns Good Fortune, Brig 18 Guns (Anstis ran off w/ it) Royal Rover, sloop-of-war 32 Guns Royal Fortune (several ships, same name)Frigate 42 Guns Sea King, Brig 30 Guns Thomas Anstis- ran off with the Good Fortune, Brig 18 Guns John Evans- Scowerer, sloop 4 Guns Thomas Cocklyn- Wyndham Galley, ex-slaver 24 Guns Speakwell, sloop 24 Guns Samuel Bellamy- Sultana, British ship-rigged galley 26 Guns Whydah, ex- British slaver 28 Guns 300 tons Charles Vane Ranger (several ships, same name), sloop, brig, Lark, sloop 6 Guns Christopher Condent- Flying Dragon (later renamed Fiery Dragon) sloop 10 Guns 150 tons Louis Guittar- La Paix, (Peace) 20 Guns Mounted and 8 in the hold Pink Joseph Bannister- Golden Fleece, 30 Guns Jean Hamlin- Trompeuse(Deceiver) French Royal Frigate 32 Guns La Nouvelle Trompeuse(The New Deceiver) Philip Lyne- Sea Nymph, sloop James Skyrme- Ranger William Moody- Rising Sun, 35 Guns Olivier La Buse- Postillion, sloop 8 Guns Indian Queen, Brig 28 Guns ?, Brig 14 Guns (Johnson qoutes when he meets Davis) Palgrave Williams- Marianne, sloop Richard Worley- Eagle, sloop 8 Guns John Cole- New York's Revenge Revenge, sloop 6 Guns Benjamin Hornigold- Ranger, Benjamin, Spanish Sloop 10 Guns Happy Return, sloop Mary, sloop Adventure, sloop 10 Guns 20 tons Joseph Cooper The Night Rambler William Fly- Fame's Revenge (Formerly ex-British slaver Elizabeth) Snow John Halsey- Charles Henry Avery- Fancy, 46 Guns John Phillips- Revenge Robert Sample- Flying King, (formerly Mercury) sloop 4 Guns Matthew Luke- Vengence or Venganza, Brig John Taylor- Cassandra Victory, (formerly Fancy under England) Frigate 34 Guns Francis Spriggs- Delight(formerly Squirrel see Low) 12 Guns George Lowther- Happy Delivery, Merchant 16 Guns Thomas Tew- Amity, sloop 16 Guns Liberty, sloop 8 Guns 80 tons Robert Culliford- Mocha Edward England- Royal James, Pearl Fancy, (formerly Dutch Ship) Frigate 34 Guns 300 tons Stede Bonnet- Revenge (later renamed Royal James), sloop 12 Guns 60 tons John Gow- Revenge, Merchant 18 Guns John Quelch- Charles, Brig 80 tons John Rackham- Ranger (replaced Vane as captain), brig William, sloop 6 Guns 12 tons Samuel Burgess- Pembroke, sloop Margaret Thomas Howard- Prosperous, 36 Gun Edward Low- Fancy, Scooner 10 Guns 80 tons Rose Pink, ex-French man-of-war sloop Squirrel, ex- British man-of-war sloop 12 Guns (given to Spriggs renamed Delight) Ranger, (Unknown given to Charles Harris consort) sloop 8 Guns Merry Christmas, large ship 34 Guns William Dampier- Roebuck, 292 tons George Booth- Speaker, ex-British slave ship 50 Guns 450 tons Charles Yeates- Katherine, Bermuda sloop 8 or 10 Guns Nathaniel North- Defiance, Indian Frigate 56 Guns Howell Davis- Rover, sloop 32 Guns and 27 Swivels Nicholas Brown- Blessing Henry Jennings- Diamond, sloop 4 Guns St. Marie, French frigate 32 Guns Barsheba, sloop 8 Guns 40 tons John Martel- John and Marshall, Galley 22 Guns Nicholas Woodall- Wolf, sloop 30 tons Charles Harris, Ranger, sloop 8 Guns John Fenn, Morning Star, Brig 32 Guns Antelope, Sloop 24 Guns Lane, Queen Anne's Revenge (formerly Elizabeth and Katherine) sloop 6 Guns
  10. New Book on Woodes Rogers

    What is your guys opinions on the some what new book on Woodes Rogers called PIRATE HUNTER: THE LIFE OF CAPTAIN WOODES ROGERS (Hardcover) Graham Thomas Is this book worth the time and money? Thank you..
  11. Hanging pirates from a Yardam

    Have you guys read about any other pirates being hung from a yardam with no trial such as the case of Joseph Bannister in 1686? I dont know why the Governor would have given Spragge that order to do so. I mean do you think Bannister would have been acquitted a second time in Jamaica?
  12. Pirate Shipton

    Guys, I am reading about Shipton, who was a Lt. to either Low or Spriggs then went on his own. Do you guys have any more info on him such as first name and fate? I see he is mentioned in Earle's Pirate Wars but want to make sure the info in there is accurate and any leads or sources would be very appreciated. I see Gosse stated his name as Skipton..
  13. Madagascar

    Daniel, Madagascar Rediscovered by Mervyn Brown is a great book if you havent read it do so... I am glancing through Earle's Pirate Wars he mentions Madagascar and St. Mary's Island on a few pages as well. I was assuming too that St. Mary's and Madagascar was a great place also for a pirate haven. Earle was mentioning that most of the pirates left the island with other ships or crews and there was not enough of them to man a ship after time. I thought some members wrote that St. Mary's still can trace some pirate lineage to this day. It doesnt seem a real colony was formed there maybe I'm wrong.