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  1. Pirate items on Ebay

    Check out the items I placed on sale on Ebay. The under the items from tcarter-1954. Cheap prices.
  2. How to "cock" a hat.

    After going to the local hardware store for the shellac and alcohol and seeing that it would cost me $20 for the two, I noticed the spray shellac for $6 bucks. Being the lazy type I decided to try a different way of making my tricorn. First I tacked up the 3 sides of the brim with a single stitch ea. I placed the hat on a small trash can about the size of my head. Then i sprayed the outside of the hat lightly several times letting it dry between coats. After drying for a day I tried it on and it fit great. Now I need to sew in a lining and maybe I'll even trim the brim.
  3. French Briquet

    Bought a Deepeeka French Napoleonic Infantry sword to be made into a hanger. Has anyone else tried to do this before. Need to know how to remove the Grip and hilt. Sorry but have no way of sending pictures. But there's a excellent picture on the"Kult of Athena" website of the nut or whatever it is holding it on. I already have a nice bone handle for it. Thanks
  4. Barrel Browning or Blueing?

    I read somewhere that some pistol stock were painted black for use at sea. Any truth to that. Am reworking a pistol and too lazy to totally strip and restain stock. But will If I have to. Thanks
  5. Brown bess flintlock

    Pistol came in today, looks to be in good shape. Missing the flint, will have to pick some up and test fire it. Will only be using it for blanks. Am going to try to modify it as per the pictures in this post.
  6. Starter blade

    Suggestion on what kind of 1st Sword I should get . Nothing fancy but No cheap blade either, Thanks
  7. Brown bess flintlock

    Just purchase one of these pistols on ebay they had 2 on there site. The one I got is suppose to hold a cock and fire the other one didn't. Yeah I know there not suppose to sell anything that shoots, but am hoping I can fix it up enough to shoot blanks. Thanks for all the great pictures and ideas for this gun. just hope I didn't get taken.
  8. Slops and brocade waistcoat

    Sent you a PM about an order. Thanks.
  9. Michael the Tailor

    Unfortunately, Michael died a few years back. His wife is keeping the website up as a memorial to him. He did excellent work, and was extremely reasonable with his prices. A great loss to the reenactor community !!! >>>>> Cascabel That guy had one of the widest selections of clothing I've ever seen.. very impressive
  10. Michael the Tailor

    Has anyone had dealing with Michael the Tailor? Is he still in business? I was thinking of buying trousers from him. Has anyone got his email address? Thanks
  11. Flying Canoe Traders

    When going thru CW reenacting I started off by getting what looked right, then having to buy what was right. Trying to avoid buying the same item 2 or 3 times to get it right. Thanks. Anymore advice?
  12. Flying Canoe Traders

    Being new to piracy, would like opinions on Flying Canoe Traders wares. Not looking to be Captain, but a humble Seaman. If anyone's got extra in their slop chest am also interested.