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  1. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Ahoy All - It has been a grand sail. and sad to see the Pub sail off into the setting Sun. Thank ye sirs for your time and efforts. Jas. Hook
  2. Blackbeard Festival

    Try 757-727-6348 Hampton Parks & Rec. for reserved tickets. Almost time to weigh anchor and head south. Jas. Hook
  3. New belt I made

    Different style, looks to be able to keep ye breeches up.
  4. How to fly your colors?

    If for display and not for height try a ground spike (angle iron) and tube fabricated by local welder. Add a pair of small foot tabs to help set the spike in the soil. Ikea had some nice one piece curtain rod with end caps at 7- 8' or try a lumber yard for closet poles of suitable diameter and length for your flag I used the curtain rod painted black and gold leafed the finial, brass eye screws attach the 3x5 roger. Jas. Hook
  5. The Capt. Bo has a boat!!!

    Hummmm... Bo, this sounds like the start of a new adventure story. Jas. Hook
  6. W.A.G.-word association game

  7. You in yar garb.

    Ye be looking kinda' gentry-fied there Mr. W. errr... Squire. Jas. Hook
  8. Blackbeard Festival

    Reservations made... If ye be calling the Crowne Plaza call the hotel direct 'Cowne Plaza Hampton - Marina' 757-727-9700 Their central reservation system hasn't a clue regarding the event. Jas. Hook
  9. Blackbeard Festival

    2016 - Friday Night June 3 Ball and the Festival is Saturday and Sunday June 4 - 5. Order the 'Blackbeard's Ball' Tickets through Hampton Parks and Recreation 757-727-8314. Ticket sales start on 2/16. http://www.hampton.gov/index.aspx?nid=2008 Jas. Hook
  10. Sword Reviews?

    Pointy scabbard tips, em' buggers always seem to poke ye when least expected. Has anyone come up with a plan to de-poke the tip? I was considering a brass ball slotted to fit and soldered on. Any other thoughts? Jas. Hook
  11. Bosun's Brush

    Hummmm... Lady B has a point. Would be a neat item to brush potato chips and such off ones weskit. Jas. Hook
  12. Ahoy William, all the best to ye during your next orbit of the Sun. Jas. Hook
  13. Happy Birthday Matey! Jas. Hook
  14. Secret Gift Exchange 2015

    Coastie - Me brother-in-law is in Anchorage, Alaska. From what I've been told... He fights Polar Bears one-handed, eats Salmon, kicks Moose off his deck, pans gold, and frequents the Great Alaskan Bush Co. Jas. Hook

    Aye, mP, can't say much more than that. Merry Christmas to all and healthy and happy new year. Jas Hook
  16. CHAT

    Bo.... between work and refinishing 'Breezy' soon you'll have arms like Popeye. Down loading photos is still a chore for me also. Old dudes rule! Jas. Hook
  17. The Capt. Bo has a boat!!!

    Looks like it has a lot of potential... nice boat, Bo. Maybe now BCarp will become a believer. Jas. Hook
  18. CHAT

    Hotel is set and tickets from Cap'n Al are available via PP. I'm in. Jas. Hook
  19. CHAT

    The past two days have been cooling off a bit so I've been wearing my new dark gray w/green stripe Monmouth cap, a custom order by KK. madPete - Yes, it becomes an obsession. Another that I ordered at the same time as the gray/green Monmouth was a Whaler with wool from a local Historical Farm-Museum. The wool was from their Cotswold sheep and dyed with marigolds into a very pale yellow color... turned out great. Jas. Hook
  20. CHAT

    Not hard... she does nice work. Even M'lady enjoys 'em in His/Hers models. Hers have an more obscure loop knited into the backs. Fashionable enough to have been seen on NYC's 5 Ave, says I. Contrary to KK's suggestion of a thrum on 5 th would start a new fashion statement, the Captain lacks the fortitude for that. Jas. Hook
  21. CHAT

    Then you're the one responsible for my collection from Kristen.
  22. CHAT

    Mr. Brand - Check out Kristen's Etsy site for a brimmed Monmouth... looks like a wool top hat, well sort'a. Jas. Hook