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About Me

I guess it was RLS's Treasure Island is what got me hooked early on and I still have several editions of this classic novel.

I've read many sea tales over the years and have never lost interest.

Have read the following and more

O'Brian's Aubry - Maturin series

Pope's Lord Ramage series

Kent's Bolitho series

Nelson's Brethern of the Coast and the Revolution at Sea series

Several years back I ran into the folks at Ye Pirate Brotherhood and and became even more interested that folks actually role played particular characters and I have since attended several events where they were appearing.

I suppose that my favorite Halloween character is the pirate, however my choice of costume garb needs to undergo an accurate period refinement rather than what is popularly characterized. The GAoP pc clothing effort is currently ongoing and nearing a point of completeness with some items still on order. Hardware will follow.

My persona is named after the Peter Pan character Captain James Hook but ends there. I am far less flamboyant than the movie character and more of a solitary, semi-retired character who can move equally in the sweet-trade as well as in the local gentry ie: Thomas Marlowe/Malachias Barrett character in The Guardship.

Your humble and obedient servant,

Jas. Hook

Long Island, May 1710

Favorite Pirate Movies:

Heston's Treasure Island

Shaw' Swashbuckler

Matheau's Pirates

Python's Yellowbeard