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    History (duh?!),Colonial period & events,Pyracy,Photographing Reptiles/Amphibs.,Bats,Owls,Spiders,Critters in general,& a few others as well!
  1. musket for sale

    Will take $600........PayPal accepted also
  2. musket for sale

    I have this .62 cal.,20" ToW barreled,L&R Queen Anne lock,Amer black walnut stocked musket for sale.Needs a ramrod rebuilt.(don't ask... :? ) includes rr tip.Sweet little gun. $650 shipped conus - Money order only. Never live fired.Thanks for looking!
  3. What kind of weather are you having?

    Here was our Lovely morning weather! Makes you want to go swimming,huh? Now it's raining/sleeting on top - Yay!! Hope everyone else has better weather! I want Spring
  4. I cannot send it now,it's Raining on it! They say it will freeze & be Yucky later!

  5. Francois Desportes fine clothes

    Put it on already!! & Take some pics lookin' Pyraty-will ya?? Looks good ma' man! Doug
  6. What kind of weather are you having?

    We got around 8" of snow here at my place,north of Winston/Salem NC. As of yesterday morning 11am still roads not plowed.I went to work on snow hoping the poor car wouldn't slide off into a ditch,into a guardrail,down a ravine,etc! Going home at 7:30 pm will Not be a good ride! Our parking lot was icing over when I got off & made the walk to the car unenjoyable to say the least I only hoped to make it home on the roads safely. Good news is they plowed the main roads while i was at work!! so that was good. I grew up in PA. & have Never liked winter,it's Cold & yucky & besides- you can't look for snakes & critters at that time of year...
  7. my Pyrating firelock in progress

    Here it is with the trigger guard on it:
  8. What kind of weather are you having?

    Snowing & cold down here in Winston/Salem NC.I can tell you that!
  9. my Pyrating firelock in progress

    Well to answer some questions: The barrel started out as a Track of the Wolf 30" barrel .62 cal. L & R Queen Anne lock from ToW as well,along with brass RR pipes & an English fowler trigger. Customized stock design from a combo of early stock gun pics off the net, Leonard Day guns,& John Bucks gun designs/shapes. Original stock was almost done when disaster struck.While trimming side with a bandsaw all H*** broke loose & was sawed Vert & Horiz. axis!!! Cut out newly tweaked stock from Walnut,sawed barrel down to 20",& here is the result!! I LOVE the Club Butt shape.... & when I saw Mr.Bucks site I had to do this stock design. Ohh & QM James :I cannot send it,I am a Pyrate & "we" have no permanent address - S a v v y? Here is todays pic with Danish oil finish.I still need to make a Trigger guard,& it's done!
  10. Free online pirate games

    Which server version?? 1 - 2 - 3 ?!?? seems interesting Plundering & Pyrating & Stuff!! Helpppppp!! Doug
  11. This is my Baby so far - a custom, scratch built Walnut stock Club Butt "canoe gun"...1st coat of finish was applied after these pics this evening. Been doing this gun for a while & hopefully will be done in time for some events.This poor thing I am sure is not very PC for F & I war,but $ situation dictated I finish it & use it anyways until I can get 1 that is. I think it should be OK for Pyracy ,considering it's compatible in size with Blunderbusses? I am hoping when I got the funds to add a Pistol to this to complete the look of a Pyrate.