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  1. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

  2. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    Thank you for reply-- since Angel of St Thomas has been stopped few months ago due to bummed... so my writer want it stop processing on this comic- it would be hold until next year-- to catch up the story to be finish soon. This time I have own new story for, Space Pirate... name Pirate Knight will be being in January 2011. Let's see what it would be interested in between in war and love, and be twisted in the space. That Pirate Knight is very newly person to the Pirate Life in Space- I will tell you more if you keep reply me I would give you good spoiler to know. Thank you for reply. I am happy right now that you appeared in my email. Merry Christmas. Pirate Lily
  3. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    I am back and want to share with you all here for Celeste the Pirate. Now she's about to get in the time tunnel for two hundred years since now she did ride an airplane, and collected some historic guns and swords for her own. Please do read the story and hope you enjoy her travel time with the ship by fantastic one that hope to collect the gold coins and real very hardcore romantic. She's have no time to be in love... someone the guy who try to do her way in love again. Let's find out! Pirate Lily
  4. Here is the new update www.angelofstthomas.com !!! Please come in and see it!!

  5. Did you seen new upload of AOST?

  6. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    better than a mute sailor? LOL. all are the same. You know, sometime in 1500's to 1800's may be part of deaf/mute people who can do the work of the ships on the sea or land. For that new deaf musketeer? Let's do it how it works!! It can be! In 1700's all hearing people have no sense what deaf/mute which "can't do" thing. You see, like, James Bond... Deaf is possibly to do so, too!! LOL. (How true) LOL!!
  7. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    wow, Celeste found Frakes but he don't know who she is. find out more on Monday
  8. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    New "Deaf Musketeer" What do you think good idea about it? LOL!
  9. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    Ye all of hear!! I made it through issue 02 already now it's now issue 03! How come Celeste got in "TimeZone" power that she enter into 1960's with two kids in last issue 02 who found Celeste on the beach. What do she do with new life by 1960's? Will she come back to Pirate Era? You can find out more about it! Hee hee hee hee!! Lily Mountjoy
  10. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    This page is exploded the two ships, don't worry about famous Pirate woman still escaped somewhere, that these crews are killed but Celeste is still missing. Let's find out more ahead of the pages! Keep you all post this update! Lily
  11. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    okay! next Friday... you have to check it out what happen to the Heretic and the Fluyt are about to.... boom.
  12. Celeste the Pirate, (webcomic)

    All Pirates, I want to share with you that I will be in RavenCon on April 9-11 2010 and please come by and support us! There are possibly many pirates people to attended in this Convention! I am guaranteed that they will display the pirates!! PLEASE COME!!!! and I would make lots of pictures of you all and front of me, too! I would be in autograph these arts and support my work! find the place info at http://ravencon.com/ I will be use my white shirt and use my colony hat as you can notice me there! Good Luck! Lily Mountjoy. Oh course of... Come by again at BaltiCon, too. find the place you can find... http://www.balticon.org/ Find me there. heheheheh.
  13. Celeste's new love

    From the album Celeste' new love

    Celeste and Frakes.

    © Lily Mountjoy

  14. Celeste the Pirate

    From the album Pirate Lily's Comic of Celeste the Pirate artwork

    Here is new page this week

    © Lily Mountjoy 2010