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  1. POTC 4 is at this time....

    Well, I am setting off for Pinewood Studios at some ungodly hour of the morning on Wednesday, for a costume fitting, Filming end of September/Start of October, so wish me luck.
  2. Post yer colors, mates!

    I suppose this one qualifies. The Logo of the UK Pirate Brotherhood. I came up with this when it struck me that the space in the pre 1801 Union Jack that would eventually be occupied by the St Patrick's cross, could be filled with cross-bones. Then I prettied it up for the web forum BTW, Although the site is geared up for British pirate enthusiasts, and is perhaps the poor English cousin to this site, I am more than happy to welcome input from anybody who has something to say.
  3. This is a message for anyone in the UK who is interested in Pirates and Pirate Re-enactment, who is not a subscriber to the UK Pirate Brotherhood forum. The 2009 Pilgrimage to Execution Dock is taking place on the 15th of February this year. The Pilgrimage to Execution Dock is an annual social gathering for pirate re-enactors in and around London. We gather in costume and visit some site of Pirate, or Maritime interest, before making our way to The Prospect Of Whitby Pub at Wapping, the site of Execution Dock, where, amongst others, Captain Kidd was hanged. There we drink a toast to those who have danced the Hempen Jig. This year we have arranged to put on a fund raising display for the Cutty Sark. The Cutty Sark, built in 1869 is the last surviving 19th Century Tea Clipper. In May 2007, whilst undergoing a major renovation, The Cutty Sark caught fire. fortunately, most of the timbers had been removed for preservation, but the damage to her superstructure was extensive. She is due to reopen to the public in 2010 Cutty Sark website If you would like more information, visit the UK Pirate Brotherhood Forum or contact me by email admin@ukpiratebrotherhood.co.uk This is an opportunity to meet up with other pirate enthusiasts, to have a fun day out, and to help raise funds for a fine old ship.
  4. Re make of Captain Blood....

    For some reason, I have not been receiving the usual notifications about posts in this thread. I come back here to see the name of Robert Downey Jr being banded about! I just spent several days at Chattham docks (Where the Victory was Built) Watching Mr Downey Jr working through a fight scene for the new Sherlock Holmes movie, (Based on the Graphic Novel, not the Books, hence the action scenes.) I must confess, I was impressed by his commitment to the action. And The Idea of Downey as Peter Blood struck me. He is old enough to play someone who has seen active military service before "retiring" to become a country doctor. and once again, he has the lightness of touch that a Swashbuckler needs. At the moment, Mr Downey is high on my wish list of Actors to play Peter Blood.
  5. Re make of Captain Blood....

    I still hold by my original suggestion of Colin Farrell. At the very lest, he should be able to play an irishman convincingly
  6. A new *Captian Blood*....

    My vote would be for Colin Farrell or Hugh Jackman, They both have the physicality that the role needs, and they are both capable of the lightness of touch that makes a good swashbuckler.
  7. You Tube Pirate Videos

    Video comes from "Lazy Town" and is shown on Nickjr. I enjoyed the POTC VS. LAZYTOWN MASHUP. If you enjoyed the Lazy Town song. and don't mind something a little bit PG rated, there is always this www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWnxsVcNL2wYou are a Pirate! RAUNCHYY!! It is the song from the original Icelandic version of the show, but subtitled with the Icelandic lyrics interpreted as English. (Just watch it and it will make sense.) Another favorite video on youtube is the title sequence from "The Pirate Movie" (1982) with the song VICTORY (Beastly pirates are we) set to a montage of pirate movie clips Unfortunately the sound quality in this clip is dreadful. But someone has attempted to reconstruct the title sequence, but without the titles, substituting alternative clips where they could not find the original. The sound quality is much better. Another Music video constructed from old movie clips which may be posted elsewhere on this forum,
  8. Blackbeard!

    ANOTHER Scottish Blackbeard ? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, but I am afraid that for me, Angus Macfadyen has firmly slammed that door shut. I always thought that Ray Winstone would make a good Henry Morgan.
  9. Looking for The Successful Pirate.

    Dramatic Quality notwithstanding, I still want to get hold of a copy as part of a study I am doing into the representation of pirates in cultural history, The Successful Pirate is credited with having a role in the public perception of pirates at the time. From what I have been able to find out, it is a broad comedy/melodrama. How the central character is portrayed is relevant to my studies. If you can help me to get hold of a copy, Ed, I would be very grateful.
  10. As part of a project that I am working on, I am trying to find a transcript of the 1713 play by Charles Johnson, The Sucessful Pirate (or The Successful Pyrate. depending on what website you look at. ) So far I have had no luck tracking down a copy. Can anybody tell me where I can beg, buy, or Download a copy of this script from? Or indeed if it is available in a modern, or recent, printing. Any help in tracking down this text would be gratefully received. Many thanks, Paul Adams
  11. Post yer colors, mates!

    Hold fast there Captain midnight. To my Eye there is something familiar about them there Colours of Yorn.... I reckon that I have seen them Cutlasses elsewhere........... Now where could that be? Yes, Now I remember !!!!! ON MY OWN COLORS ! ! ! The First Rule of Bein' a Pirate, DONT GET CAUGHT ! ! ! ! seriously though Captain Midnight, those are nice looking colors I hope that they serve you well.
  12. Pirates of Treasure Island

    I Don't want to appear rude, But please dont get me started on The Mysterious Island Mini series, A pale imitation of the 1961 Ray Harryhausen classic. It is the curse of CGI that special effects can now be used to shore up a flagging story, Whan Harryhausen introduced a monster, it usually served to move on the plot in some way, as well as provide some of the classic action set pieces of the films of my youth. The giant beetle in pirates ofe treasure island is a case in point, it ws only there because they could do it, the film would be no worse if the scene were removed. As I remember it, the Kyle MacLauglin Mysterious Island had A Giant Praying mantis, a rampage of Giant Spiders and Vinnie Jones as a Pirate (Still wearing the obligetory tricorn hat during the era of the American Civil War!) I'm Sorry, Rant over.
  13. Pirates of Treasure Island

    Isn't this the one where Long John Silver gets his leg bitten off by a Giant beetle ?
  14. Thanks Molly, Feel free to plug your roleplay forum in the "Playhouse" section of our Forum, Also, if you click the "Contribute" link and then go to "Links," you can send in details of your site that I shall add to the links page, (Any other Piraty links that you know would also be welcome)
  15. Thanks again for your feedback William, now all that is left is to persuade people to send in material to be put on the site, otherwise it just remains an empty treasure box.