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  1. Illinois pirate events?

    I want to know if there any pirate reinactments or pirate conventions,in the state of Illinois. Does anyone know of such pirate related events?
  2. POTC 4 is at this time....

    I had actually applied for a part in POTC4,but I was told I was too late. Now that is too bad,it would have fun to have had a minor part there. Maybe in the 5th movie?
  3. to aquire our own ships

    How many of you own your own ships,or have wanted to own one? After watching the PotC movie series and taking note on how obsessed Captain Jack Sparrow acted with The Black Pearl,I too been wanting to have a ship of my own. I feel that for me,the easiest way to get my own ship,is to ask the Navy,to let me have one of their decomissioned ships. What say you,on this matter?
  4. pirate ship discusion

    I love pirate ships and I want to know all about them,in fact I wish I had my very own pirate ship. What are common types of ships that the pirates used?
  5. browser pirate games?

    Which are the most popular online browser pirate mmorpgs?
  6. questions for realistic pirate fiction

    I have another question to ask. In the heyday of the pirate,which nationality were the majority for them?
  7. Female Pirates

    In the history of pirates,were there many or few female pites,famous or otherwise?
  8. recomended pirate books?

    Which pirate book or novel,would you recomend that is good for reading?
  9. I am planning to write a pirate fiction here,but first,I want to ask some questions,in order to write a realistic story. What age would cabin boys be,when they were hired/recruited? Was it frowned upon,for a girl,or woman to sail on ships,pirates or otherwise? If a girl,or woman were discovered to be onboard a ship,what would happen to her? What is the timeline,that pirates had ruled the seas? what option of pet were availabe to pirates,exotic or otherwise?
  10. I have questions

    Does this site sell pirate merchandise? Is it ok,if I write a fiction,in the writers section on thses forums? What is the rank list,for thse forums?
  11. I wish to become a real pirate

    to the person who asked,I am in Sycamore,Il. it is a small town
  12. I might be a bit dense,but I am curious as to know if there are any pirate themed restaurants around,good or otherwise.
  13. The Fools Gold Pirates, Midwestern Marauders

    Ahoy Thar,can I be a part of your crew,since I am from Illinois?
  14. I wish to become a real pirate

    Yes,I truely wish to become a real pirate,or as close to one as I can. I wish to do pirate re-inactments,to design my own pirate's flag,to wear authentic clothing,and everything else piractical. Which pirate festival,is closest to the state of Illinois?
  15. Ahoy thar

    I chose this name because sounds like aproper and scary name for me. I've always wanted to live the life of a pirate,adventure and riches. And do you know if there are any sites,where you can roleplay as a pirate?