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  1. Shift and belt/baldric buckle bits for sale....

    Sold to Morgan!
  2. Shift and belt/baldric buckle bits for sale....

    Aye, 2 inches it is!
  3. Shift and belt/baldric buckle bits for sale....

    Chemise has sold, belt bits are marked down to $25, which includes shipping!
  4. I've got a lovely osnaburg shift/chemise for excellent condition...underarm gussets...23 inches laid flat one side pit to pit ...$35.00 Also, a pile of belt buckle bits...not sure of the's heavy, very detailed...$30.00...I'm sure one of you gentlemen who work with leather could make a wonderful belt or baldric for these parts! Any takers?
  5. Female minimum garb standards

    awwww...thanks all!
  6. Female minimum garb standards

    Thanks Lady B. I'm happy to hear it's more of a "whatever makes you comfortable" type of thing...I've got really beautiful linen stays that Lady Brower made for me that I usually wear on top of everything, and I'm not bothered by the bulk underneath...but, I just made a silk petticoat that I think looks lovely on top of the I'm glad to hear that it's fine to wear it that way also. I do wear the fichu to protect myself from sunburn, but also so I feel a bit more "dressed", since I don't have a jacket, short gown or mantua... Even though I think of my persona as a woman with a questionable background, I think she would attempt to look like a lady...;^) ...and thanks to Chole Black and her wonderful blog for the petticoat "recipe". I'm a terrible seamstress, but her simple directions made it a breeze!
  7. Female minimum garb standards

    Thanks Silkie!
  8. Female minimum garb standards

    Sorry to move away from the current topic, but I had a quick question regarding petticoats...I've seen examples showing them UNDER stays, and examples showing them OVER stays. What's the proper placement when one doesn't own a mantua (yet!)??? Here's my current clothing "sandwich": shift under petticoat pockets over petticoat apron stays fichu Any help would be greatly appreciated! Conny
  9. New Ink! Check it out in my Gallery!

  10. damn it.....grrrrr....

  11. Embroidered stays

    Perfect!!!! Love, love, love those stays!!!!!
  12. FREE stocks and a fishing net!

    Sorry Jack, that's a bit past my regular commute!
  13. FREE stocks and a fishing net!

    I'm trying to make some space, so these lovely working stocks and a fantastic tattered old fishing net must go...anyone interested? First to answer here gets the've got to pick them up from my house a.s.a.p. though, so please keep that in mind. I'm in Sebastian, FL. I'll send you a message with my address. Thanks!
  14. I'm drunk....

    Aye! Capt' Rob is right on the mark! I did indeed wake up with new lovely husband (and source of the evil drink), had taken the liberty of writing math formulas and drawing arrows and labels for certain body parts...on me belly...grrrrrrrrrrrrr.........he BEST be sleeping with one eye open from now on, as I've got a big Sharpie with his name on it, that scurvy dog!!!!