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  1. Happy Birthday Capt Bo!

    On St.. Stephen's Day? Boxing Day? Well, a happy birthday to you, Captain? As for me, I will be spending the day boxing a certain British Naval Officer's ears. I just need to find a box of appropriate size.
  2. 17th Century English Reciepts

    It's vegetable matter if of the old 17th c. style, and fine for Lent. In the Middle ages, sweet dishes were eaten during Lent because of the strictures against meat, cheese, dairy products, eggs, olive oil, and wine. And working men had to keep their strength up. If consumed as a food, the strictures about whether it breaks a fast are tighter than is consumed as a drink or a medicinal preparation.
  3. I am happy to report that the game Pirates Of The Burning Sea is under new management. The game is leaving Sony Online Entertainment and Flying lab Software, and being managed now by Portalus Games, ( www. ) which has been put together by three original developers of POTBS. I regard Pirates Of The Burning Sea as being one of the best player vs. player systems which celebrate the Golden Age Of Piracy. There are a number of anachronisms and fantasy features - (is a voodoo reference a fantasy feature, really?) but the opportunity to go broadside to broadside in annaval actions involving 2 to 48 live players in a single instance if for me just too much fun to pass up. The game , freed up from Sony, has a surprisingly vigourous support from its player community: and the basic membership is Free to Play. The new launch under Portalus is scheduled for this coming Tuesday or Wednesday: you may want to take a peek after that. The Website is already up. . Shots from the game:]]
  4. Pirates of the Caribbean 5!

    I confess I was really proud of the Spanish in that film... the only ones who thought the thing through...
  5. Happy 10th Birthday Pyracy Pub!

    I am pleased to find the doors of this establishment wide open and as hospitable as ever! Vive la compagnie! Vive all ye gentlemen and lady adventurers!
  6. Your ships name.

    My first choice of name: Le Cygne Noir : a Frigate, if His Most Christian Majesty will let me have the letters of Marque and Reprisal to sail her against the perfidious Saxon. As a backup, a Xebec : La Pelerine.
  7. Massive Prayers needed for my Nephew

    I just came in after a long tour walking the sea and found this message. I'll have Mass said for him tomorrow
  8. is at sea.. as usual.