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    Finished my first pirate fantasy novel - Hoist the Colors. It is being self published because agents feel pirates are not popular anymore.

    Lets change their minds, says I!
  1. November is National Novel Writing Month

    Basically nothing is published. It is designed to encourage you to push yourself to write. Starting today you begin a story and when you are done for the day - record how many words you typed on the website.Then, tomorrow, you continue writing and record your progress.
  2. With so many writers on here, I wanted to post this link for anyone interested. Pledge to write 50k words for the month of November. If any of you guys are participating, I am also doing it and my screen name is LateNightLady Add me as a friend :)
  3. May the sun be at your back, mates

    Thank you :)
  4. May the sun be at your back, mates

    Thanks :)
  5. May the sun be at your back, mates

    Oh how wonderful; :) Were you able to get published?
  6. I bid thee good day My name is Jen (lady Jen in our Pirates of Reno group) and I am new here. I be a novice on this fine sea vessel. My husband, Master Redbeard, started posting here I figured I should as well. Right now we are self publishing my first pirate, young adult, fantasy novel Hoist the Colors. I use the term "fantasy" because there are aspects that veer from fictional pirates. The era was too brutal for any story plot in the YA world. Apparently, agents feel pirates are no longer popular for a literary genre. Filthy land lubbers, what do they know? I look forward to getting to know this fabulous community better :)
  7. High Seas Drifter

    hmm it should be on Amazon. Let me know if it is still not and I will get Patch to check on it. edit: I looked and it is still not up on amazon. It should hit there eventually though. Sometimes it apparently takes quite a while for them to get new stuff posted. which is a trifle annoying really... Master Redbeard is my husband and he gave me your guys' CD to listen to while I wrote my book - so incredibly helpful to set the pirate mood :)