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  1. FTPI Roll Call 2015

    The Mrs. and I will be camping.... upwind from Animal!
  2. Trade Blankets

    I think that anybody that knows Animal wouldn't want to keep him. So a "Rental" might be more appropriate.... but then that might be getting into "Gentlemen of the Evening".
  3. Mercury FTPI 2014

    What's a Pirate Invasion without an (old) goat ?
  4. Recent down time

    I had to resort to reading the graffiti on restroom walls.
  5. Waterproofing Tent Canvas

    RUM. Alcohol displaces water. Drink enough rum and ya won't feel yer lean-to-leak.
  6. FTPI Roll Call 2014

    Huzzah We'll raise a glass t'gether
  7. A Few Questions

    You might find this to be helpful. http://www.forttaylorpyrates.com/index.html
  8. A Few Questions

    In addition to Mission's statement (pun), I might add that the person to contact about registration is Lily Alexander. You can do a search for her on the Pub, under "Shipmates".
  9. Alafia River Rendezvous | Homeland, FL

    Check the weather report. Yer garb better include long johns or Wobble Juice.
  10. Alafia River Rendezvous | Homeland, FL

    I be draggin' tha Missus wit me on Friday. Intend to cross wakes wit yas.
  11. FTPI Roll Call 2014

    Mama B (Buxom Anna Marie) will be dragging her sorry ass (me) down for another tryst with Wendell.
  12. Finding Your Pirate Name

    Named after my Great-Great-Grandson. I spell it C-O-U-P-E-R. He changed it to C-O-O-P-E-R. Everyone said I was a Dirty Bastard. So I shortened it to D. B.
  13. Finding Your Pirate Name

    Purloin, Expropriate, Misappropriate, Liberate, Requisition, Usurp, Pillage, Plunder, Defalcate, Commandeer, Ravage, Confiscate, and finally... Pirated.
  14. FTPI Forms and Information 2013

    Don't forget the lube... or is it a B.Y.O. ?
  15. FTPI Forms and Information 2013

    To paraphrase you, If you're gonna give me a pog, please bring me some lubricant!