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  1. Ojai, Ca.

    Will do Kenneth! I'll extend that invite to Pub folks for Kings Road stop me thirsty! Just look for or follow the wagon!
  2. Ojai, Ca.

    Avast! We could use a wee bit more life on this thread! Chris, Ken where ye be?!
  3. Ojai, Ca.

    Kings Road coming! Our first adventure into the merchants world for GAoP and Encampment goods. (15 days away!!!) Inventory going strong. I have one pic in my gallery. Now I have to be responsible and drunk?
  4. 100_1157.JPG

    From the album Kings Road

    (a pirate's plug)<br />Ojai Pirate Fair 2010. <br />Fabrics, costume apparel & accessories, camp gear & table ware. Inventory in the works, look for the Kings Road banner see you there! (ignore camera date from summer 2010)

    © © 2002 - 2010

  5. Ojai, Ca.

    Dang.... and me mates and I we're going all out this year. We'll have to make the best of it for the one weekend!
  6. Ojai, Ca.

    I'll be there Friday and Saturday night. A good full day of Ojai faire! Looking to meet new pyrate mates maybe see some old ones from last year. I should be good n blasted by noon if all goes right! Kenneth, Chris too bad your not there saturday, man we could have kicked it there at your GAP camp for awhile. You guys have some of the best gear and kits! Anybody camping next door at the Bass grounds?
  7. DSC01726.JPG

    From the album Aye me heed!

  8. DSC01725.JPG

    From the album Aye me heed!