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  1. Just a note::: the first post has been revised as to what we arrr looking for. Check that out and send a message if ye have any questions!
  2. movie quotes game

    no idea, but i know that is from The Goonies
  3. Here Be Pirates

    Here Be Pirates When dawn approached, I took to this vessel, A stowaway amongst The damned and martyrs alike, Swept up with the undertow, I set off on my journey, Through uncharted waters Of a raging sea... With the erosion of time, As the decadence wore away, Scallywags and traitors, We've all become, Mercenaries and thieves, Assuming each others disguise, Cut down and internally raped With the lot of them, This torrent of madness Was drowning me, Seabound with seablood, we were, Tortured and revered for our crimes, Beneath blackened skies, I could sometimes hear a distant wailing, A ghost of a memory Left somewhere behind... 'Neath midday sun, Scorched and scathed, And not even a broken compass To guide the way, Weary and stricken With a sloshed mentality That could choke on your rum All the same, Oh, how I sometimes desire to Cast myself overboard, A self-sacrifice to the kraken Or perhaps a Celtic god, But lo, these shackles keep Me bound to this vessel, Crafted with an unbreakable chain, A stubborn will to call my own, Some crew and comrades Could claim the same, Ever dear to this being, Betwixt shadow and light, most remain... The eleventh year of this voyage Has slowly come to transpire, My blood quickens, wondering How much longer it will last. On the pursuit of treasures, Though not of a crystalline make, I find solace with my thoughts And the comfort of each Marauding storm. Upon distant horizons, I know Twilight will be coming, As this ship cuts through The sea like a sword, Those forgotten shores are Calling me home. A pirate I will be, No more.
  4. Abandon Ship!

    Abandon Ship! While running away from me and back to you, Down to the shores of a deep, blue sea, I saw a fleet of ships on the horizon And fell in love with a life of piracy. How could I say no to the pursuit of shineys, the throes of battle, or consumption of rum? Well, maybe the latter wouldn't fit right with me, But swill and grog works just right for some... Havoc wreaking ne'er-do-wells kept me company, As we pillaged and plundered each isle, Though I must confess this one small thing, Your bloody memory haunted me all the while.. It was early morning when the storm crept up on us, With an armada closing in from behind, It wasn't til Cannons were blazing all around me, When I finally realized, I've lost my damn mind! I vowed to make my way back to you, Come hell or high water this day, But our ship was suddenly blown apart, Leaving me adrift and alone in this bay. Many moons, I've been lost out here, Trying to sail my way back to you, And if I should abandon this sinking vessel, I'll be crushed under the depths of blue. A pirate's life is not for everyone, Though I sure as hell thought it was the life for me... But I'd much rather get back to dry land, Where I can have the greatest of treasures for free.
  5. Mutiny

    Mutiny a clash of words, like stubborn wills, on this staggering, rainy day, once more a call for aid, arrangements sought, and the static beckoning of an s.o.s remains ignored. battered by the ongoing storm, of which nature is unaccountable, the crew sifts lazily through the wreckage that we once held as a haven or home. low be the insidious dogs that would own to such treachery, blindsided and hoodwinked by one of their salty own, seems talk holds no weight amongst pirates, and why an oath or promise must be bound in blood, not for the sake of birthing or sealing a pact, but more as a taste of what can be taken, should ye betray or fail.
  6. What's your day job

    freelance photographer, writer and web designer ... at least for the time being...
  7. What are you reading right now ?

    Son of a Witch The second book in the Wicked series ("The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West"). It goes into the aftermath of what all happens after the witch dies and the wizard leaves. If you haven't read the first book, I don't want to say too much because it would spoil things... but it is a pretty good read so far..(though not as good as Wicked was..)
  8. Your Favorite Movies

    Stardust Coraline Mirrormask Neverwhere Legend Labyrinth LotR Shrek Princess Bride Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland The Nightmare Before Christmas Corpse Bride Sleepy Hollow Sweeney Todd Empire Records Inkheart Eragon The Golden Compass Van Helsing Underworld Muppet Movies UP Toys The Simpsons Movie Night at the Museum Ice Age Silent Hill Seven Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Merlin Finding Nemo The Goonies and a lot of others...
  9. Anyone is welcome with our group, whether they're pirate, gypsy, mercenary, or a simple band o' thieves (or whatever other persona ye can think of that would fit in with such characters). We don't require you to be solely part of our group either. If you want to form an alliance, that's fine! If you want to connect with us so we can all meet up or camp together at events, that's welcome, too! We are certainly looking for core crew members that would be, first and foremost, part of our group/ships, etc., but other than that we simply want to establish some new friends, allies, renfaire companions and so forth. Most of the events we attend are (or will be) throughout PA, VA, MD, NJ, WV, OH, DE, and NY, so if you're in any of those states (or bordering any of those states), that would be a great help (though not necessary). We understand times are still rough for people and not everyone can afford to make the trek to events--hell, we even have trouble getting to some--so we're ok with online contact in the meantime, too.
  10. Just a bit of an update on things: We've moved to a new website and are starting to plot mischievous things for the year. Any old members or new people interested can rejoin or sign up to the madness here!
  11. We cover several states, mainly Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
  12. Well, we got a few takers so far, but we could sure use some more! As it stands, we have 2 ships lookin fer crew members. More importantly, we'd like to have a good core group of people join that we know we will be able to keep in contact with and count on to join us at events (at least once a year if not more often). So, don't be shy! Send me a message if ye are curious about my group. We have rum, homemade mead, mischief, debauchery and of course.. pirate cookies!
  13. That's true, it is. Though we aren't going to discriminate on location. Hell, if people want to come clear from California or Europe or wherever to an event, we aren't about to stop them It just helps if they live in the same general area as the rest of us.
  14. Navis and iPirate, that's awesome I'll send you guys further info on the group Captain Robert Darksoul, can't say I've heard of that site, but I'll be sure to check it out :)