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  1. Port Radisson | Sacramento, CA

    For a little more info: http://www.bilgemunk...-in-sacramento/ I didn't see this marked anywhere (sorry if it was) so I'm just adding it. Not a whole lot happens in Cali around this time (or anywhere really) so it's nice to have a little pirate get away in No.Cali. For those that don't like following links, Friday begins at 7pm and ends at Midnight. Saturday is all day until Midnight. What I'm not sure about is if admission is good for both days or only one (which would be bad). Yar
  2. BOONDOCK SAINTS 2 (trailer on youtube)

    AWESOME! A sequel to one of the greatest movies i have ever seen! AWESOME!
  3. If you had Super Powers...

    Slander and lies!
  4. If you had Super Powers...

    An interesting choice... though I might go for hyper-intelligence or hyper-education instead. That was my first thought, but intelligence without wisdom can be dangerous. Better to know what to do with the intelligence than to just accumulate it. I also believe that those with true wisdom know that they know nothing. Basically, you just wasted a wish =P
  5. If you had Super Powers...

    teleportation. Why fly when you can just be there already
  6. Getting started?

    Nice words Patrick. I really liked number four. Number five is too true. Number six I feel you are lying about because as we all know.... this is your fault.
  7. FHFU fans?

    Any frosty, heidi and frank fans out there?
  8. Getting started?

    Great advice all, thank you. I have a surplus store near me and I can't believe I never thought about going there. Can anyone think of some websites that have pics of people in garb? The more the better. I really like that I can show my pops and my boss steampunk stuff and that they actually love what they see.
  9. Need steam punk parts for your gear?

    Oh bless the lot of you!
  10. Getting started?

    Yar, I find myself being more and more interested in Airship Pirates as time goes by. I'd like to get into it but I don't want to just buy completed items like I did with my pirate stuff. Knowing that we are not in the same area, can anyone suggest places where a n00b can scrounge items up? I think it's the actual tinkering that interests me the most. I once played warcraft and there was a profession called engineering that screams steampunk and ever since then I've been a little hooked on gadgets, widgets and goggles. I guess my question is, how did you all start? -Hawk
  11. Oderlesseye Got his Sword

    Yar Grats Oderless! Now stop waving that thing around like a feather duster
  12. Greetings to all!

    Yar, Welcome to the pub, mate. Now start drinking.
  13. The Vehicle You Would Buy

    I could go on and on about what vehicles look cool on the outside but let us focus on the inner beauty instead.
  14. I have a stalker!

    Yaaar mate, What you need to do is make profiles and stalk HER! I'm a pirate, thus a villain and I feel you need to start thinking this way too.