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  1. Utah Pirate Invasion

    ooo - Pyracy Pub REUNION!
  2. Utah Pirate Invasion

    woohoo! West Coast pirate event. I'm loving it! See you all there!
  3. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    I just called Kenny from Kern County Pyrates. He was breaking up because he was driving thru the mountains. I told him this was the Dial-a-Pirate program and he said huh? We talked about the August Utah Pirate Invasion and some of the scheduled events that will hapen there. I think they want to go. its 14 hour drive for them, prolly the same here.
  4. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Aye. With the loss of Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion and now the Pyracy Pub, it has been a bad year or two for pirates. So many fond memories. So long old friend... mP
  5. POD's Boucan Knife

  6. Classic Leather Portmanteau

    More broken links fixed: Portmanteau in the raw
  7. Pirate Flag (a making of)

    I just hate when the links get broke! here was my flag based on Williams design: flag by madPete Here is William's flag: william's flag
  8. Pyracy Pub Wares

    Just as long as you aren't riding those brooms too Bo ;-) mP
  9. Review of Black Sails pilot

    I bought season 3 on eBay almost a month ago. Season 3 is another another quality production (altho season two was slightly better IMHO). The development of the characters and plot continues. I read a review online criticizing the writers for killing off a character because that character was his favorite, and a major reason people watch the series. Never once did the reviewer acknowledge that history was the basis for the production... DUH! I guess he will be disappointed when Season 4 is the last. Why would they do that? LOL mP
  10. The Traveling Pyrate

    The trick is finding the right duffel. Airline restrictions are usually L+W+H <= 62 inches. This might cause you grief (I assume you truly meant circumference and not diameter Mickey) I found duffel bags ~$20 pretty easily, that are 12in diameter by 35in long or 35+12+12 = 59. so its pretty close to max size mP
  11. The Traveling Pyrate

    Picasa Web has changed the links. Here is a link to the pics posted previously:
  12. 1700 Sleeved Waistcoat

    picasa web albums has changed the link. try this one for the sailor coat pics Sailor Coat
  13. introduction Ahoy, this be an introduction

    Welcome aboard wascopirate!. I know the Kern County boys well. Were you by chance at the last Dana Pt Festival with them? Alas the days of busy interaction on the Pub seem to be at an end, mostly due to facebook. This is an excellent site for reference however. You can still ask questions and get answers, altho it may take a while to get answers. I'm sure our paths will cross, if they haven't already... mP
  14. Upcoming Acts of Pyracy

    William -you need to get set up with a traveling tent of some sort. It's not a stretch to fit a wedge tent, stakes, ropes, and cot (all wrapped in a wool blanket) into a zippered duffel that gets checked on plane. Under 50# and no big deal. An oar tent is even lighter and easier. I recently added poles that screw together and fit in the bag as well. Pm me and I'll give the details. Clothes fit in a carry-on and/or a backpack. I was gonna say it doesn't quite fit in a seabag, but if one made a seabag the same size as the duffel it just might... mP
  15. Pyracy Pub Wares

    ooo... me.. me... I PM'd you. mP