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  1. The Pub...past, present and future.

    a lot of facebook groups ask several questions at signup, if they are meaningful, you get approved. But it makes it a manual approval task too. I have to think that a new software update would include some new functions. And yes, its building a whole new base of people again, no matter how you look at it.
  2. I couldn't resist, tho this is my early kit for Buccaneers...
  3. What does your user name mean?

    I'm MadPete because William Brand is my real name and someone used it already! No seriously, my initials are MAD and people at work called me maddog. Since one of the Beach boys had made this very well known already, I simply came up with my alias Peter Chaaps and the name was combined.
  4. Where have all the pirates gone?

    I think we should reach out to friends and urge them to try it again or anew.
  5. The Pub...past, present and future.

    searching frantically for his pub t -shirt...
  6. In the past there have been 6 or 7 tallships, tho the Pilgrim doesnt leave her mooring. Pilgrim, Spirit of Dana Point, Exy and Irving Johnson, American Pride, Curlew and the Bill of Rights. it varies a bit each year. I believe they sell tickets for sails on 3 to 4 ships each day, best to get them early, they sell out fast. There is also a skit on the Brig Pilgrim "The Taking of Blackbeard" with pyrates boarding the ship, black powder and cannons and some mock swordfights. Food, music, beer and lots of vendors. Ocean insititue is open and the ships are open for tours also
  7. The Pub...past, present and future.

    Now that the newness of Facebook has worn off, its funny how old friends come back!
  8. Largest gathering of tallships on the west coast Ocean Institute, Battle Sails The Capture of BlackBeard on the Brig Pilgrim Living History Camps, Cannons Toshiba Tallships festival
  9. Utah Pirate Invasion

    ooo - Pyracy Pub REUNION!
  10. Utah Pirate Invasion

    woohoo! West Coast pirate event. I'm loving it! See you all there!
  11. The Phone-a-Pirate Program

    I just called Kenny from Kern County Pyrates. He was breaking up because he was driving thru the mountains. I told him this was the Dial-a-Pirate program and he said huh? We talked about the August Utah Pirate Invasion and some of the scheduled events that will hapen there. I think they want to go. its 14 hour drive for them, prolly the same here.
  12. The Pyracy Pub is Closing!

    Aye. With the loss of Fort Taylor Pirate Invasion and now the Pyracy Pub, it has been a bad year or two for pirates. So many fond memories. So long old friend... mP
  13. POD's Boucan Knife

  14. Classic Leather Portmanteau

    More broken links fixed: Portmanteau in the raw