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  1. Making a hat block

    Progress. after a bit more sanding to shape, and then a little more finish sanding. it started looking so good I put several coats of tung oil on it. It actually looks like a hat block. I need to try it on a hat and decide whether to cut it in half and add adjuster. but so far its looking good.
  2. Making a hat block

    After a week of 110 deg heat, I finally got the ambition to spend some time in the garage. I worked with the hand planer but it was slow and hot work. In the end I punted on that idea. I used a hand saw to take off the corners of the block to get most of excess out of the way. Then I went to town with the power sanding unit. It is rough shaped now. There is obviously some finish sanding to do, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. On this day in history...

    aaah... Taxes - the death of us all!
  4. Making a hat block

    This will be shaped using a hand planer. unfortunately I dont have any period tools, so modern equivalents will have to do. When I take on these projects, I like to look at it from how they did it. I glean a lot more about the era that way
  5. Making a hat block

    Since the hat block is already started, there's no point. besides, no ones head is perfect round. I can cut this hat block in half and make it adjustable as well.
  6. Making a hat block

    Hat blocks: I've been searching for a reasonable priced hat for mid 17th century. No one has hat blanks with both a tall crown and wide brim. I'm told no one makes em that big anymore. So, either it was have a hat custom made, and pay some bucks, or learn how to do it myself, which is kinda what I'm about these days. I'm pretty handy and I took a couple of unshaped hats and got pretty close to what I'm looking for just using a couple of bowls. the problem is, the shape is close, but the hat is not big enough for my head, if I put the hat stretcher on it, it starts to get funny looking again. I'm also making a compromise on the brim size, I really want the tall crown, the brim size is negotiable So I'm posting an antique hat block I found on eBay which is similar to the shape I want (but very expensive), followed by my first attempt at blocking my hat. as I said the shape is close, but when stretched to fit my noggin, it starts to come undone a bit. What follows is the start of a project to make my own hat block. I started with a 6 in wide mahogany board, why mahogany? to be brief, I didnt want poplar and I know mahogany is fairly easy to work. The 6 inches is roughly the height of the hat crown. I measured the widest part of a wool hat that fit me, then took the perpendicular measurement. I measured out the pieces to be glued together. Cut them in a trapezoid shape, the bottom slightly larger than the widest part of my head, the top slightly larger that the shape I desired on top. The center pieces are full size, the outermost sides are slightly smaller, because the finished rounded size is smaller. I'm gluing two pieces of wood together at a time, then I will glue the larger pieces together. After that I will start shaping. so look for Part II at a later date.
  7. Cedar Key Pirate Invasion

    Nov 1-3, 2019: Cedar Key Pirate invasion. New management, so follow the progress on dates and schedules...
  8. This ended up being a day trip since the organizers discouraged the overnight camping. Altho a few people stayed the night, it was deemed "Security related". Having said that, as a day tripper, I'm sure I missed some things... I know there were other events scheduled for Order of Leviathan including a cruise on the American Pride. We got there before the festival opened so parking in the nearby structure was not a problem. I'm told there were shuttles from other parking locations. The point where the lighthouse sits was the actual area for the Invasion (see photo1). At entry ( there was no charge to get in), bags were checked for whatever they were looking for. I dont think that they cared much about how weapons were carried, as I saw many swords and knives with no peacetie, and a few black powder pistols and blunderbusses carried about. We meandered the pathway to get our bearin's and an initial overview of what was there. This were many food vendors and miscellaneous vendors, some only loosely tied to the nautical theme or not at all. There were various camps for guilds or crews, a few historical and many fantasy groups. There was a stage for bands and several areas set up for entertainers including Capt Jack Spareribs. There was a bouncy house area for the kids and face painting. The Pirate Charles band was performing both days as well. The event t-shirts were priced quite competitively and made on the spot or with a 5-10 minute wait. $7 for a basic event tee is quite a righteous price! At the light house, the beer garden was set up and there was an awesome view of the surrounding area including the harbor entrance, the Queen Mary and Rainbow harbor. The stage was set up slightly below the lighthouse. This brings to mind the fact that the only flat locations were along the pathway and they were filled to capacity, so not sure how well additional crew encampments would even work out if they chose to do the overnight camping. The pathway surrounded the entire point and then meandered in a circle up to the lighthouse. At the pier, near the Leviathan camp, there were several cannons setup and and firing at periodic times during the day. There was also a sailboat decked out as a pirate shipinvolved in the melee. It seems these days, a "pirate" invasion means anything goes. The cosplay people seem to come out in force. The Wasteland weekend people had a meetup scheduled there, at least one renfair group with earlier costumes and then the public wore all variations of anything hinting at pirates.There seemed to be a large contingent of public wearing what I will loosely call mermaid yoga pants. At our historical camp, many of the crew from Dana Point tallships festival hung out and enjoyed each others company. Being on the walkway, many others stopped by and were recognized including Gunpowder Gertie, MadL, BilgeMunkey and many others I'm sure I missed. All in all, a typical "Pirate festival" but with quite a large public showing
  9. Pyracy Pub Flag

    Pub flag at Dana Point 2018...
  10. Pyracy Pub Flag

    Pub flag in Arizona...
  11. First Time Traveling to Key West

    Nope. I believe the last year was 2014. There is a similar one held each year in Maine with many of the same people... Fort Knox Pirate Parlay
  12. Rolled kerchiefs

    So I've been experimenting with rolling kerchiefs. I've experimented with everything around my neck, except a noose (some would prefer that - you know who you are ). This includes narrow strips of fabric, large square kerchiefs, and triangle kerchiefs. What I've found is the size and weight of material makes a huge difference. I tried to use a square kerchief, fold it in half and roll it from the longest side. What I found was unless it was silk or a very sheer fabric, it was too thick a roll and felt awkward. The narrow strip of fabric doesnt really look right and there is not much benefit to having one. So what I ended up with is what you see below. I found a single layer triangle works best. thin cotton or thin linen is what I used. I'm sure silke would be used also. I did roll stitch the sides that were raw. Basically a rough 30 or 31 inches on the short sides and 44 inches on the long side. then roll from the long side to the point (easier said than done, extra hands are helpful). I tied mine with the standard Four-in-Hand knot (Four-in-Hand). If you had a longer kerchief a Half Windsor (half-windsor) or a windsor might take a little extra out of the length.
  13. Where have all the pirates gone?

    I had visited on occasion, but didnt login. Now when I look at the list of users, thats mostly what it is ...guests surfing
  14. The Pub...past, present and future.

    a lot of facebook groups ask several questions at signup, if they are meaningful, you get approved. But it makes it a manual approval task too. I have to think that a new software update would include some new functions. And yes, its building a whole new base of people again, no matter how you look at it.
  15. I couldn't resist, tho this is my early kit for Buccaneers...