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    Historic reenacting of colonial America pre Revolutionary war. 18th century maritime navigation, tall ships, obviously pirates, photography.
  1. Ok this may not belong here, but it may. I have been looking everywhere for affordable pistol kits for the GAoP period. All I can find is very expensive kits without barrels or out of period kits. There was a time you could get these at Woolworth. Anyway. Does anyone have a good source? Just a little info, I'll only use these for blanks, at reenactments and events, they don’t have to be topnotch stuff, just something that looks good and blowup in my face. Thanks all Black Jack
  2. Your ships name.

    I've got a small punt I names the "Filthy Whore".
  3. 17th Century Maritime Art by Willem Van De Velde the Elder

    To early for tricorns they really did not appear until the end of the 17th century. However the drawings are spectacular. Love them and thanks for posting them. Black Jack
  4. Anyone have one of these?

    Wheel locks are nice, but a royal pain in the ass. Black Jack
  5. One more pint anits off ta bed...

  6. Time to update the wardrobe!

  7. What lured you to pyracy?

    For one I have always liked pirate, thanks to Disney and I have been going to reenactments for most of my life (it was the family vacation), but I got started in this about 20 years ago then it was Vikings. I convinced a friend of mine that he wanted to get involved and start a group with me, he did, and we did. As the years went by we lost the love for Viking living history and went our separate ways. About four years ago we got back in touch and he had started a Pirate group, I wasn't that interested in getting back into reenacting, but I did. Since then we have parted ways, he has become very successful with his group, made quite a business for himself, and I went my way and just do my own thing on my time.
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    From the album On the Island

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    From the album On the Island

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    From the album On the Island

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    From the album On the Island

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    From the album On the Island

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    From the album On the Island

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    From the album On the Island

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    From the album On the Island