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    I can only be described as a history loving nerd. I like anything with the word "star" in the title, i read comics, watch anime, and annyyttinng else you could get thrown in a locker for LOL. As for reenacting, iv only be at it a year, buutt i am quite committed to trying for an accurate portrayal. Im still working on the finer details of my persona, but im trying for a french impression(without butchering the accent). Later on in time i internd to also do some events in the fur trade era. More details as i figure them out, Cheers mates!
  1. Encampment Duty Roster

    Hey lilly ill take sunday ice at 1000 though i have no partner in the deed....yet
  2. I must say sir, some very fine work indeed! You may well have some of my funds before the end...i look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!
  3. Clothing from Vassa 1628

    oh...i sort of forgot to say, that this project has nothing to do with pyracy....but there isnt really an active 17th century site to discuss this in(that i yet know if).....i was really going for a militia unit thankfully i wont really be worried about its use on a ship........i think ill take both your advise and make a soldiers coat and a sleeveless buffcoat for armor over far iv seen accounts of musketeers wearing the like....i should look for the exact quote....yup...thanks gents(and ill make it of thick leather just to be sure!)
  4. Clothing from Vassa 1628

    Funny enough, though i wrote puritan style....i didnt even think of the religios group LOL iv just heard that described as puritan in style(though with gregs description i wonder why?) I think i may like the sack coat idea. iv been trying to find a good view of something called a buff coat, i think they might be similar, though the buff coats seem to be in leather........and they seem to have become quite fashionable in their day. Well i would hate to fall into an inaccurate trend, i didnt think about how long it would take for clothes to wear down(after all iv had some clothes for yyeeaarrss lol) I do actually agree with you mike, if people are wearing themm everyday i dont think theyd last long......and apparently that second hand trade was so well practiced you wouldnt need to. Buuut i have heard often of home made clothing items being abit behind the times....but not too far really................ Thanks for the link Hawkyns, very helpful once more!..................and remember, never feel like ill be offended, if it looks like im falling into a bad trend of warping me on it! Thanks gentelmen! Also....sense this is drifting off from the main topic, due to me, would it be better if i made a new topic???
  5. Clothing from Vassa 1628

    In my little head i was hoping for the puritan style clothing of earlier in the century....the really fancy stuff actually scares a picture of petticoat breeches i once saw(so that would be a noooooo Captain Sterling!) Thanks alot Hawkyns, great resource, though i believe i shall research how poorer people handled all this extravagance......i doubt somehow i could afford too much fabric....i also believe a trip to colonial williamsburgs book store is in order! Whats you guys opinion in the notion that you wouldnt exactly wear whats in fashion if you grew up earlier? lets say i was born in the 1620s and came of age wearing puritain style it reasonable that id sort of keep a bit of that old style? good lord o think im going off topic......mabey....
  6. Clothing from Vassa 1628

    I aiming about 1660s-80s. begining research on a kit for Searle's Raid(1668 but im sur eyou knew that lol), as well as later buccaneer era, im looking to get more involved in 17th century events(what few of them there are). Im not entirly sure exactly what im aiming for, because im just starting research, but i dont want to go for anything too speciall at all...after all its more fun to be poor!
  7. Clothing from Vassa 1628

    I find it very lucky that this subject crops up as i begin doing 17th century research. I quit eliterally JUST started looking for a link on mens 17th century clothes, THANKS HAWKYNS! i dare ask if you have any other helpful links on the subject........?
  8. Steampunk inspired Faerie-ish Costume

    LOLOLOL well im glad im not quite so crazy...and your not so scary...yyyaaayyyyy.........i swear i was thinking, "wow she looks ENTIRELY different", and it turns out.....well you know lol <3
  9. Why I don't post in TWILL

    As for clothing..........I have to agree with Mr. Roberts and Lady Brower, i dont care about the shape of seems because i want to argue with someone later about it, or use it to down someone elses kit. It honestly matters to me! This is a very self-fulfilling hobby. Most of us do it to make ourselves happy.......and if trying to be accurate is what you want, then go for it........trying for accuracy is something that keeps it interesting, now yyessss theres no way to be entirely accurate, no matter how much research you do. we all make educated guesses(though some more educated then others admittedly) For example, jamestowne settlement here in virginia, isnt so sure now that the settlers flag ship was actually named the Susan Constant (instead it could have been the Sarah Constant), does that mean that they were horribly wrong and were bad researchers, no...they just made their best guess with what they had at the time...which is what patrick did, thus i think you CANand should indeed post in twill . All we have are educated guesses, as long as you use what facts you have, and logic to meet your goals. If i ask its because i want to know how you got there so as to improve my self, or spark new ideas. As for getting more immersed with the hobby, i vote thats its a grreaattt idea, but not practical for all. Though many would want the skills associated with their persona, they dont always have the greatest means. For me i have tall ships to work on, and quite a few historic sites to interpret at, which helps ALOOOT, but unfortunately many others dont have those options...or simply dont want to...after all...for some this is just a weekend hobby....... Over all i like twill, because i know that if a topic is there it generally is a serious question, and whether a topic has as much period evedence as another or not, i generally will learn something that will help me make my own interpretation of "what is right" and while everyone has their own opinion....a rev war waistcoat at a 1720 or earlier event is just.....bad....there a certain things that we are pretty sure if your still working on you kit, be sure to say that......dont stop at the 1780 weskit and dropfronts......sorry for that rant, BUT man that really annoys me.....Cheers mates! P.S. Thanks for the wooden shoes link..QUITE interesting!
  10. Luna updates

    I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad grace got those posts out........a whole day of chipping away at them..........lets hope it doesnt happen again!(though i t will) see ya this weekend dutch, and give me a call when you get the chance!
  11. Steampunk inspired Faerie-ish Costume

    Looks qquiitee fairy like m'lady, well done! Though i must say iv never seen yee out of period clothes and i find it (i mean that in the best of ways my dear)
  12. it's historyfanatic's birthday !!

    Happy natal day mate!
  13. It's Kate Souris' Birthday!!

    Happy natal day my dearest! Many happy returns!! Im sure your husband has something special planned, he seems good at these things...darn romantic canadians.....
  14. Downrigging Weekend, October 30-Nov 1

    i can actually be free that weekend........for bussiness...yyeessss ........i vote for this endeavor.....