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  1. Sixth Annual Pirates on the Chattahoochee Oct.24 in Columbus GA

    Pirates of The Chattahoochee Volunteer Information October 24, 2009 Volunteers needed from 12:00noon – 4:00p.m. Event Description Public Advertisement: Pirates of the Chattahoochee Family Day! October 24, 2009 12:00noon – 4:00p.m. $10 per person Join us for a day of family pirate fun and adventure! Boat rides, kid’s art activities and games, pirate tattoos, face painting, real cannon ball toss competition, music, jewelry making, treasure hunting and more! General Information: Pirates of The Chattahoochee Family Day is an event we put on just to have fun! It is geared for all ages with an emphasis on families with children. We expect over 500 people to attend. There will be over 30 different activities or “stations”. (See the complete listing of stations in Pirates of The Chattahoochee Stations for detailed information.) The public is invited to participate in all of our activities and will walk away with a number of prizes and things they have made. Most of the activities are made so those who didn’t arrive looking like a Pirate will definitely leave looking like one! Volunteer Jobs Volunteers Needed Volunteers run a station. There are over 30 different stations to work. Most are at tables with chairs. Each station will have instructions and an example of the activity for the volunteer. There will be 30 minutes before the public arrives for training, orientation and for each volunteer to test their activity. None of the activities will be complicated or require any special skills. Refreshments, snacks, lunch and breaks will be provided. It will be very busy and fun so time will fly. Volunteer Attire Clothes: Pirate attire or casual jeans and t-shirt that you can get dirty. Many volunteers look forward to this event all year so they can go all out in their pirate attire, so feel free to also come decked out. If you have a red, black or even a black and white striped shirt to help you blend in with the rest of the scalawags, that would be great! Shoes: Comfortable shoes a must, such as sneakers. Sunscreen: Some stations are outside. (Please notify the staff if you need to be indoors for any reason.) When 10:30a.m. – Volunteers arrive 12:00 noon – Cannon Firing Marking the Beginning of the Event 12:00 noon – Event Opens to the Public 4:00p.m. – Cannon Firing Marking the End of the Event 4:00p.m. – Station Clean-up 4:30p.m. – Volunteers Depart Where is it held? National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus 1002 Victory Drive Columbus, GA 31901 Inside and Outside the Museum as well as on the Chattahoochee River. www.portcolumbus.org
  2. Ahoy all! This is an event that we have the honor in helping out. If anyone is interested it is a day event but don't despair because there is camping..Period,Modern and RV hook ups. This event is free to those who help out as well as they will provide lunch and drinks. It will be at the National Civil War Naval Museum Port Columbus in Columbus, GA. You may contact me here or by email for further information.(earlymoon74@yahoo.com) My husband and I will report any new information as soon as we get it!!! Thank You All!!!