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  1. Located on a 7.5 acre island in the center O' downtown Mishawaka, IN (near Notre Dame and Southeast of Chicago), the Michiana Renaissance Festival hosts an area dedicated to pirates in conjunction with the Brethren of the Great Lakes. More information be available online mateys. Location: Kamm Island Park, Mishawaka IN Date: August 27-28, 2011 Web: facebook: This be not a "RootJack" event, but it is local to our port and we thought the other ships would want to know.
  2. Blackbeard's Headache

    Episode 10 of the Gentleman Pirate now be available on the RootJack facebook page and on the RootJack website. This episode be called "Blackbeard's Headache" where we answer the question provided by Mr. Blackthorne about how Blackbeard was a big pirate in a normal-sized pirate world. ALSO, once again we be all out of queries. You can submit questions on about any topic. In fact, questions that don't require us to drop anchor and head for a library will do just fine. They don't necessarily need to be pirate questions, but they will be answered in a pirate state of mind. Questions on life, love, politics and other general interest are happily accepted. Selected queries are rewarded with FREE RootJack shipped straight to you. Details be in the video.
  3. RootJack: Gentleman Pirate

    Episode 9 is now posted on Facebook and the RootJack website. The topic of this episode is "Dead Man's Chest", where we discuss the meaning of the familiar pirate phrase, "15 men on a dead man's chest". This episode includes music from the group Pirates for Sail. Special thanks to Bilgemunky for hooking us up with Pirates for Sail.
  4. Gentleman Pirate Episode 7 finally be posted on and on the RootJack Facebook page. The topic of this week's episode is "When we knew Scurvy", where we discuss what sailors new about scurvy during the Golden Age of Piracy. Special guest appearance by the Cap'n. As always, we be acceptin' questions in exchange fer free RootJack. Details be in the video mateys!
  5. RootJack: Gentleman Pirate

    Episode 8 of the Gentleman Pirate is now online at and on Facebook. This time we discuss the Kennedy Curse and how, if at all, it relates to Bartholomew Roberts. Also, a small side note, we need more questions. The questions can be general, and not necessarily pirate related. However a good question earns free RootJack. Details are in the video.
  6. ahoy Mate. I was goofing around at home and made a little video. If you would like to see it let me know..

  7. RootJack Now Available in Portland, OR!

    Well, as it turns out, RootJack was not available at the festival. Apparently them powers that be decided that Guardian had to buy a second booth if they wanted to sell drinks with their normal items. They couldn't afford a second booth, so RootJack never made the fair. We just started selling cases direct on our website, but we don't do Canada yet. Maybe soon.
  8. I normally don't post every location that takes to sellin' RootJack. I really don't wish to bore and perturb the members of this hear board. However this little news tidbit is worth mentionin'. See VooDoo Elixirs be out of the dread pirate port of Elkhart, Indiana. Ye know we be tough since we have to slog to the Caribbean all the way from the corn belt. Shippin' something as heavy as RootJack can take any ship to task. Shippin' all the way from the midwest to Oregon takes a special kind of Pirate bravado. I'd like to see these mates rewarded for the tenacity, so I'm hopin' a few of you Oregon pirates can stop in to their shop and buy up all their RootJack. The name of the place be Guardian Games, and it looks to be a fine place. I also understand they'll be hittin' the local pirate festivals as well. Portland having a fine concentration of handsome pirates, they should do fine. So check out Guardian Games in Portland, and get yerself some Pirate Energy in the form of a delicious and icy cold RootJack.
  9. RootJack Makes Port

    Ahoy thar, RootJack cases now available direct from the VooDoo warehouse. At this time it be for U.S. shipping only. http://www.rootjack....buyonline.shtml
  10. RootJack Makes Port

    'Tis me pleasure to present to all ye scallywags, lubbers, lads & lasses, bilge rats, deck hands, wenches, buccanneers, sea dogs an' honorable pirate cap'n's our latest concoction known as RootJack! I know this here be an abrupt introduction, but the brew be complete an' I would waste no time presentin' a drink what fights off the scurge known as scurvy. That's right. RootJack has yer full daily dose of Vitamin C! Plus it's tasty to boot. RootJack be a Root Beer with a hint O'Orange flavor an' Vanilla, and enough of a kick to knock the barnacles off yer keel. We call it "The Pirate Energy Drink", an' any crew under the fair wind O'this brew would be hard to put down. We nary hit ev'ry port yet. We've got just the one ship and a small crew, but RootJack would be sailin' yer way soon as we catch wind. In the mean time, check out our interport home. We'll be addin' new markets there as we find 'em. Yarrr.
  11. RootJack Makes Port

    Gentleman Pirate: Episode 6 now be posted on and on our Facebook page. This time we answer questions about pinks and hangings.
  12. RootJack Now Available in Portland, OR!

    I'm sorry lass. Did ye not find their tent or was their tent void O'RootJack?
  13. RootJack Now Available in Portland, OR!

    Just confirmed... Guardian Games will be at the Portland Pirate Festival this weekend with RootJack!
  14. RootJack Makes Port

    Gentleman Pirate: Episode 5 be posted. This time we discuss the difficulties of "Taking Memphis".
  15. RootJack Makes Port

    Tiger Lee, your quote has been sent! Let me know if ye did not receive it. Bonus News: RootJack just won a bronze in the July issue of the trade rag, Beverage World magazine in the carbonated soft drink (CSD) category. Candidates were judged based on innovation of ingredients, packaging and positioning as well as overall uniqueness. Winning anything against the major players is quite a prize indeed.
  16. Ahoy mateys. August 5th through the 8th be the time of GenCon in Indianapolis. It be the largest Con in Indy to date, and lubbers from all ports converge fer gamin' and frivolity. The VooDoo Crew be there with RootJack in tow, an' we plan to make a fine time of it. On Saturday, August 7th, at Scotty's Brewhouse in downtown Indy, we be havin' a pirate gatherin'. Thar be pirate music in the air, pirate movies on the big screens and RootJack be served at the bar. Thar be no cover, just the normal costs of a meal and/or a drink; and it be a fine opportunity to dress in yer piratical best and mingle with fellow seadogs. So if ye be in Indy at that time, an ye don't mind navigatin' the crowds of lubbers, then we'd love ta see ya at Scotty's.
  17. RootJack Makes Port

    Gentleman Pirate Episode 4: Pirate Lifestyle, now online. Questions for this episode were shot at the Derbyshire Ren Faire in Muskegon, Michigan.
  18. RootJack Makes Port

    Aye. That be a mighty long shipment from the lesser known pirate port of Elkhart, Indiana. The online lubbers over at do sell and ship RootJack 4-packs to sailors looking to fight scurvy coast to coast, U.S. and Canada.
  19. RootJack Makes Port

    Tiger, sounds fantastic. I'd love to talk with ye about it. The easiest e-mail to remember is the (info) e-mail at (
  20. RootJack Makes Port

    Gentleman Pirate Episode 3: Scalliwag Compensation is now online.<br>
  21. Pirate Branded Food

    Aye, if ye want to know anything about RootJack. Feel free to ask. I be the horses mouth, so to speak.
  22. RootJack Makes Port

    If anyone be going to Derbyshire in Michigan the next 2 weeks, be sure to stop by our tent. We'll also be taking video questions for the Gentleman Pirate during the faire.
  23. RootJack Makes Port

    good one Mate! I like the Vids will they available for podcasts? Well, I have them posted on Facebook and Youtube currently. That last one was fairly large (28meg), and I would imagine that be a pretty big download for most. The video services make it easier for folks to download, even if it means they can't take it with them. I guess I'll have to see where the currents take us.
  24. RootJack Makes Port

    First question answered, and episode 2 posted.
  25. RootJack Makes Port

    Fer a bit O'fun, we be introducin' our Gentleman Pirate program. He takes in the questions and sends out free RootJack. We have a video announcement on our facebook page here.