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  1. Powder Bottles

    how would this be worn?
  2. Sea Charts

    That is correct until 1690 brown linen rags were the source of of paper. In 1690 white hemp paper was first made in england. Now there were many different techniques on getting the image on the rags. The list goes Woodcut, also called Woodblock. The map design is carved in relief along the grain of a block of soft wood. When the design is inked and pressed onto paper, it leaves an impression of itself. This is the oldest method for printing - it was used to impress designs on ceramics and textiles in ancient Egypt, Babylon and China. The first Woodcut maps appeared in Europe at the beginning of the fifteenth (15th) century, and it is still possible to buy examples for modest prices. Sebastian Munster was one of the great names producing woodcut maps in the middle of the sixteenth (16th) century. By the 18th century, wood cut technique was no longer being used. Etching. The process of etching uses acid instead of a burin to engrave a metal printing plate. A layer of acid-resistant varnish is applied to the plate, which is made of zinc or copper. The etcher uses a needle to expose the metal. When the plate is submerged in acid, the exposed lines are eaten into the plate. Light lines can be achieved by removing the plate part-way through etching and re-coating them with varnish. Dark lines occur when the acid eats most deeply. The plate is then cleaned, coated with ink, and used to produce maps. Copper Engraving. An intaglio map-making method - in other words the design is engraved into the plate using a graver or burin. When the plate is inked and cleaned, but some ink remains in the engraved lines; when the plate is pressed onto paper under high pressure, it is this ink which is absorbed by the paper to produce the map impression. Mezzotint. Method of copper or steel engraving which enables maps to benefit from tones. Mezzotint was invented by a Dutch military officer, Ludwig von Siegen in the middle of the seventeenth (17th) century, and popularised in Britain in the eighteenth (18th) century. It involves engraving the whole surface of the plate with a curved, sawtoothed tool. Every shade from black to white is achievable, but there is no line drawing, so mezzotint technology was ideal for producing reproduction maps of famous artworks, rather than maps. Mezzotint was superseded by photoengraving.
  3. I found this today while gaining some ideas. I thought you all might enjoy Link to page
  4. Whale Wars

    Im drunk and if I were on a ship it would be that way too. Would that piss you off? Just wonderin because I'm more like a pirate than a civilian. dont mean any offense but you're right the guy is a douche and shouldn't command a vessel that deserves a proper crew.
  5. Pirates of the Burning Sea

  6. Tankard restoring

  7. My new wood burning project

    Do you plan on adding more detail to the map like terrain features (mountain ranges) and what not? Very good work indeed.
  8. Whale Wars

    I appreciate that you have the balls to state your honest opinion. But I'll have to side with my species on this one (lol). I can't accept the premise that the life of an animal is equivalent to that of a human being. The vegan/PETA slogan that A pig is a boy is a dog is absolute rubbish. I wonder what the carbon footprint of the Steve Irwin is? A 30 year diesel rust bucket like must be be contribute an awful lot of green house gasses to the atmosphere. I don't believe we are all equal either I just look at the human populous and its safe to say the end of some lives wont hurt the planet. But that's the crazy bastard the Marines made talking. Hundreds of years ago disease and other problems kept the human population at a tolerable level. As for the carbon foot print i chuckled. i watched an interview with the crew on Larry king and was thinking the same thing. Two wrongs don't make a right. There was an episode where their hull was about to give way and I thought about the oil and waste that would go into the water and most likely kill some whales they are trying to save.
  9. Tankard restoring

    Oh if there is lead content never mind. I won it on ebay I didnt want one that was modern unless the woman lied about vintage which is a possibility. She stated in the listing it didn't leak and when I recieved it I filled it up to find it did. Oh boy was I dooped. Thank you for bringing this to my attention
  10. Whale Wars

    Yes its a loop hole that is being exploited. It comes down to a moral issue. This planet is grossly over populated. To be honest id rather see human lives ended than animals. That's just my opinion though. If I was one of those morons aboard the irwin I would board the Japanese boat and kill everyone aboard justifying my actions saying I am an angel of vengeance of god and they have lied (research) about what they are doing. Kind of like Loki in dogma. Then I would steal their ship and sink it. Got to stay true to me name.
  11. Apple margaritas are the most popular flavor. I recently saw on the food network that the apple flavored mix sells more than the original lime flavored. It started with sour apple puckers mixed in too.
  12. Tankard restoring

    I recently received a 19th century english tankard with a glass bottom. Unfortunately it leaks. I am not sure how to seal the leak. I was thinking silicone but I don't trust the chemicals and it may seep into whatever beverage I drink out of it. Also I do not know how ale/beer would treat the silicone. I was thinking maybe a wax? Any suggestions would be great.
  13. Ransom's Diary Comments

    The starboard side going under is a scary sight. I would have soiled my trousers. The experience looked quite exhilarating. Did you happen to snap any other pictures of the festival?