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  1. Hand Colored Map of Virginia 1675

    Sold Pending funds.
  2. Ok, so I've been reproducing some of the charts from John Sellers The English Pilot recently and have a one-off that hopefully you may want. So this is not a hand drawn chart. It is a scan and print of a hand drawn chart of the James and York Rivers. I hand plotted, sketched and inked the original one (see the comparison picture) When I went to see how a print would look, it would only print at 11 1/2 "x14 1/2" (not the orginal 16"x19") It is printed on laid linen paper and is finished with watercolors. I don't intend to do any more prints of this one, and since I have the original I'm offering this one out. $35 + actual shipping costs Please Email me at if you would like this map Thanks for looking and if you have any question please ask. Yours & co Cran Original&Copy by Cran Ohlandt, on Flickr fullcoloredmap by Cran Ohlandt, on Flickr ColoredDetail by Cran Ohlandt, on Flickr Northhamptoncounty by Cran Ohlandt, on Flickr
  3. Hand-Drawn Treasure Island Map

    Sold! thanks everyone for looking
  4. Hand-Drawn Treasure Island Map

    Hey Guys! I hope everyone here is well, and having a wonderful season. I've got a map that I drew here that is looking for a home (It was a commission that I finished but never heard back from the guy who wanted it) So now it's your chance to please a pirate on your christmas list (even if that's yourself) About the map It's a completley hand drawn reproduction of the map in the front of Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island. It's approximately 9" x 14" on very heavy laid cotton paper that I stained with coffee. $25 plus shipping and I'll ship it out this weekend if anyone is interested. Thanks for looking! either message me here on the Pub or email me at Yours & co Cran DSCN3642 by Cran Ohlandt, on Flickr DSCN3647 by Cran Ohlandt, on Flickr
  5. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    I'll throw in some of mine if they pass muster Here's a photo of me on my wedding day, in a suit based on the jacket found on the Royal Kronan 1670's milita Me in my typical seaman's outfit
  6. Adventure

  7. Militia

  8. Wedding suit

  9. Map for sale to benefit a fellow pirate (hunter)

    First of all I'd like to thank everybody for their interest, and their generosity as the map has sold for $150. I know Adam will be greatly appreciative. Yours & co Cran
  10. Hello everyone, As some of you may know our brother Adam Cyphers is in need of some cash, and has been selling off a lot of his kit. I'd prefer not to see this happen to one of my favorite sailor/ blacksmith/people in the living history community. I don't have the cash to buy any of his stuff, but I do have a map I'm willing to part with It’s hand plotted, sketched, then inked, on cotton laid paper. The overall map is 34 ½” tall and 24 ½” inches wide. The top half of the map covers from the 30 degrees latitude (central Florida) to 15 degrees (South of Jamaica) It even includes soundings around Key West :-) The lower half of the map is an enlarged map of the island of Jamaica including an inset of Port Royal Harbour, again including soundings and shoals as well as a decorative cartouche in the lower left of the map. I'm not going to put a price on this but I promise that I'll cover the shipping to you so that everything you pay for the map will go directly to Adam. Feel free to ask questions and I can't wait to help Adam out. Yours & co Cran
  11. Whole Map

    From the album Maps

  12. Compass Rose

    From the album Maps

  13. Cartouche

    From the album Maps

  14. Port Royal

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  15. Jamaica

    From the album Maps