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    Tailoring reenactment clothing, Piracy, Scots-Irish/Jacobite reinactment
  1. Common Sailor Clothes

    what a steal!
  2. ONLINE RAFFLE for custom made frock coat

    Scratch this idea.. Didn't get enough interested parties.. Thanks anyway
  3. ONLINE RAFFLE for custom made frock coat

    I was thinking 3-6 weeks.
  4. ONLINE RAFFLE for custom made frock coat

    Thanks guys... Not very many people seem interested yet though... Shipping would be included but I need to make at least 50 tickets
  5. I am atempting to organize an online raffle to help fix my car which needs major work which I cannot afford to fix at the moment. I am offering my services to make a custom, made-to-order frock coat/justaucorps for the winner (thats a value of at least $350) Tickets will be $25 and I'm hoping to reach a minnimum of 50 tickets. I will be doing the collecting through PayPal so the customers can track their money. I would like your input... Thank you kindly, Liam
  6. two pairs of breeches for sale

    Yes sir.. Still available... Let me know
  7. two pairs of breeches for sale

    Both Made by me.. Liam at Liam's Custom Costume and Clothing
  8. The first pair are fall-front made of cotton drop cloth... unlined.. Size 43-44 New and never worn... thes are not the pair but identical in design. $55 Next are a a pair of french fly breeches made of brown canvas lined with linen. Size 40... used a few times. These fit nice and snug. Nice and faded but not dirty $50 Both Pairs are correct and have the 'pucker butt' with waist adjustment
  9. 3 items on eBay

    I have three items up for sale on eBay Here is my profile
  10. 2011 Queen Bess and the Pyrates Fresno, California

    The other day... I tried a rum from India called Old Monk.. finest rum Ive ever had by far mates. Spicy and a great caramel flavor. Wish I could get my hands on some! We need to plunder a corsair filled with Indian Rum.
  11. Coat needed

    Sorry... Nothing used and abused
  12. Coat needed

    Short or long?
  13. Sonora eh? Thats so very very close to my home town

  14. Off to Sonora... hope I see at least one person I know hahaha

  15. You in yar garb.

    How much does a rat hide go for?