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  1. I got a sailboat

    You have to rig her? I send my blessings to you mate...
  2. Wax or oil

    Back in high school I used beeswax for my Mohawk, its great stuff no matter how fussy your hair may be (working it in there kinda hurts though). Now to say that its something used back then...I can't. But it's great stuff nonetheless!
  3. Body Modification and Pirates.

    My aunt has pretty work done she got over in the Philippines way back in the day, done with traditional inks and bamboo etc, it's amazing how her work after all these years is still so bright and beautiful. But I am also scared of the words "skin etching" go figure And after watching little tribal boys get circumsized with a sharpened bamboo shoot on tv, I dunno about tribal piercings, I almost passed out watching it, haa. *cries* Yeah...I'd love to get traditional Polynesian tattoos on my leg. No matter how much it hurts lol. But...circumsizion with bamboo tools? eeee...that makes me...not so comfortable.
  4. Body Modification and Pirates.

    It would be cooler if whoever wrote that bit had a citation for it. I'd love to read up on something like that. Maybe then I could get piercing that was less modern and more traditional. Hell I could get stuck by a real Aztec indian! lol.
  5. What I meant by what do you do before the camp was event wise. I know the camp is like the last 3 days of PiP so what goes on event wise before that.
  6. Pistol for sale

    If they don't I still need a pair lol. I though you were getting the 12s. Not? No. Too big. My concern is being too small for me, as I typically wear 10.5-11 US (except sandals, which are 9-9.5, go figure). If they are too small for me, they are yours. Well PM me when you know. I'd much prefer not to pay $108 for brand new shoes lol.
  7. The girlfriend and I (mainly the girlfriend) were wondering about bathrooms and showering accommodations at PiP. Like what is available at the fort. My parents have a rental down in KW but I rather have that as a last resort. Reading everything in the pub I've gotten a pretty good idea of what goes on at the camp and whatnot but what about the days before that? what do you all do? I know I have more stuff to ask but I cant remember any more questions right now so I guess I'll post them when I do remember.
  8. Pistol for sale

    If they don't I still need a pair lol. I though you were getting the 12s. Not? No. Too big.
  9. Pistol for sale

    If they don't I still need a pair lol.
  10. Body Modification and Pirates.

    I remember reading somewhere that the Aztecs/Incas/Mayans(one of the three) did labret piercings. I thought that it was rather interesting considering I wanted to pierce my lip at the time. EDIT: Ok it was the Mayans and the Aztecs.
  11. Your ships name.

    Skidbladnir has actually been I said depends on the ship really.... Why The Brass Ar . . .Sorry. Didn't read the second part. . . . ....Thats right...No questions... ¬_¬
  12. First Time Going To PiP

    I'm finding everything fine. My kit will probably be done around august. Its the girlfriend that seems to be having more trouble with her kit cant find a decent stay that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. And I'm still debating on making my own tent or buying one...I know I want a wedge I'll need to figure that out. And then all the other little odds and ends like eating utensils and such should be taken care of soon.
  13. Your ships name.

    We have a CAL 40 named Odin and keeping with the Norse deity theme we named our motor boat Loki. When I get my own sailboat I'll probably name it something like Thor, Freyr, or Njörðr depending on the size and amount of sails and what not. If ever happen to get a tall ship it would be named The Brass Arrow no questions asked.

    ...Thats ridiculous....
  15. Letter of Marque

    You can get vellum easier than hemp paper??? Yeah loads of places sell vellum around me. It's used in card making now so its quite easy to get. Thats garbage! lol. When I was looking for period paper and such I had myself set on getting vellum and i couldn't find a decent source for it anywhere! So I settled for hemp paper....Lucky you lol.