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  1. Hello folks! my Montreal based pirates music band, Les Murènes is producing a 2nd album but we need your help to achieve this. The band plays a mix of traditional sea chanties and original songs about the sea, sailors and mermaids!!. We are doing crowd funding at moment to raise money to record and produce a new second album: Jolly Rouge! Also we don't have anymore copy of our 1st album, but you can buy it online on Bandcamp Merci bien! :-) Mathieu aka Cuisto Mako
  2. The Sack of St. Augustine: Robert Searles Raid of 1668

    has the dates for 2013 been announced yet? hopping to be there again this year :)
  3. Your "authentic" Pirate Kit - Pictures

    Thanks for the kind words Greg, it means a lot to me, especially coming from you. Now i'm about to put the final touch on that Boucanier kit. I got my "fusil boucanier" last winter and some nice braintan mocassin, only thing missing now is a tapabord, that should be done this fall So more pictures will follow. :)
  4. Wheel-lock

    This would be a beautiful piece, go for it! :) ...oh and if you ever get tired of it, let me know
  5. very nice, if I din't already had a blade (a modern one though) waiting for a proper guard I would be very interested
  6. Interesting Period Descriptions

    Very interesting descriptiton I just found today in Jean Doublet journal's. In 1672, when he was a young sailor/pilot, his ship got captured, they took everything and the crew was sent in prison in Ostend. They spend 3 days and prison, than are freed and each men is given the equivalent of "15 sol" to pay for their way back to France and the men are left in a very miserable condition: n'avois sur moy qu'un justaucorps sans manches raptassé de pièces de thoille godronnés et une pareille culotte, des vieux bas de deux couleurs et sans pieds, et de misérables souliers qui m'abandonnèrent à la première lieue, et pour bonnet le haut d'un vieux bas attaché avec une ficelle... ...all I had with me was a sleeveless justaucorp patched with some tarred canvas and similar breeches, some olds "feetless" socks of different colours, some crappy shoes that dyed on me at the first mile and for a hat, the top of an old sock tight up with a string... Now, i'm not saying this is representative of a late 17th c French sailor... but it would make a nice beggar outfit! Anybody got an old justaucorp they don't need anymore?
  7. Pirate Surgeon's Journal for The Lockhouse

    Well that's too bad. That being said, the site was cute and all, but it was not that special either. It was the people involve and present there that would made the lockhouse different and worth it. I didn't drove back and forth 11 hours in 2010 for the site. I did it for the people. I sure would like to meet those people again, maybe a bit further north closer to Philadelphia for example? Any place with a bit of land or in front of water can do the trick. Any suggestion?
  8. Pirate Surgeon's Journal for The Lockhouse

    I think now it is Sean Pridgeon who is in charge of the reenacting aspect of it, or at least he was last year. He is on FB but I would not be surprise if you were already friend with him ;-)
  9. Replica Firepot

    This is truly awesome! Good job PoD!!!
  10. The Buccaneer Project

    Well it was first publish in the 1950s. The original manuscript was supposedly miraculously found in the WW2 debris of St-Malo and of course it was discover by a buccaneer specialist... Right from the beginning the book was called fake by maritime historians. I have read it last year, and I must say after reading for a couple of years real memoirs and travel account from the 17th c this one scream "fake". There is tons of clichés and unbelievable elements in the story. The style of writing also try to imitate the style of the 17th but doesn't truly master it. It feels very modern I have also red recently that the guy who "found" and publish the story actually published a short story about Borgnefesse during the 1930s...
  11. The Buccaneer Project

    Borgne-Fesse is a fictional character, fun story, but should not be used as a period source
  12. The Sack of St. Augustine: Robert Searles Raid of 1668

    I had a blast!!! :-) Thank you all for your warm welcome and generosity. After being on the pub for 3 years now meeting some of you for the first time was like a celebration and Searle's raid is the perfect place to celebrate and have a good time. A special thank to all the organizers who obviously worked very hard, often being the first ones awake and on duty in the morning. Bravo et chapeau bas messieurs!
  13. Awesome! Thanks for the tip Peglegstrick! :)
  14. those do, but for such a low price I would be suspicious... That being said their "Jack Sparrow Queen Anne flintlock pistol" looks very very good. Unfortunately I don't know anybody who actually bought one or any other weapon from them
  15. The Sack of St. Augustine: Robert Searles Raid of 1668

    Willie I arrived at JAX March the 1st around 2:15pm, another fellow reenactor will arrive a bit later and will give me lift to Saint-Augustine. Yes I'll be camping at the fountain of youth. It was very expensive to fly back on the Sunday, so I decided to leave on Monday. Not sure yet where I will sleep Sunday nigth. If one of the locals have guest bedroom or even a couch and don't mind a French canadian intruder for the nigth I would be gratefull. If not I was thinking maybe trying the Pirate Haus inn. I also need to find myself a ride to JAX on Monday morning, my plane take off at 9:46 am. If not I have seen there is a shuttle seervice available from Saint-Augustine to JAX. Looking forward to meet you all!