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  1. Pirate Movies to get in the right mindset

    I know I be pullin' this thread from Davy Jones' Locker, but I just wanted to chime in with one of me favorites. I know the actin' be deplorable, and what not but...Cutthroat Island. I have a fierce love for it because I watched it many, MANY times as a young lad...either that or it was just Geena Davis...
  2. Greetings fellow rogues.

    Some of you will recognize my name, some of you may not. If you do recognize me, I am back, but I am cleaner, more "grown up" and hopefully a great deal wiser. I would really like the help of an admin, I need a question answered. Please pm me. ~ Thomas Blackthorne
  3. is still here somewhere.


    HAPPY 4TH OF JULY EVERYONE!!! I love today. I'm not a huge patriot or anything, but this is a special day! I love the boom-booms!

    This be a glorious day, celebrating the fact that yer a dad, a father, a stepfather and/or a grandfather. So I would just like to take a moment and wish everyone who falls into any one of those categories, even me'self, a happy father's day!
  7. Your ships name.

    If I had a real ship, "La Reina Negra" My imaginary ship, "La Reina Negra" I am happy with it that way.
  8. A Question about boots...

    Well now ye know ye can at least count on me for when ye be in need of a good laugh. (I tend to not catch jokes right's kind of a curse)
  9. A Question about boots...

    I thought it. Wasn't going to say it, but thought it. Legwarmers under striped pop-piratey socks . . . I think I would rather staple the boots to my legs as someone previously thought I was doing, lol. I was never one for the stripey sock thing, especially now that we're discussing the disgusting notion of COUPLING them with leg warmers. In all due respect, I think it is a good idea, just not one I am willing to suffer through.
  10. A Question about boots...

    Would that constitute as cosmetic surgery? I have been interested in "fat transplants" for sometime now, simply because I cannot gain weight naturally. No matter how much I eat, drink weight gainers, work out, nothing ever seems to work...I am cursed...
  11. A Question about boots...

    dosent that hurt??? I'm sure it hurts the wood pieces I have in the boots right now, but I'm also certain that it would hurt my legs too, so thank god for wood huh?
  12. A Question about boots...

    I tried using a staple gun as well, which seems to be working pretty well, however, I could use longer staples, to fold the the straight points are just coming loose.
  13. A Question about boots...

    HAHAHA! We'll get you out here to one of the events and you can watch me eat m'lady. You'll change yer tune, I'm certain of that.
  14. A Question about boots...

    Just to make sure that everyone understands this, I do have them folded over into the bucket or typical hollywood "pirate boot" fashion, and that's what refuses to stay in place, the bucket itself keeps falling down.
  15. A Question about boots...

    I have a pair of sea boots that are made by "Pleaser". They are real leather, not the greatest, but still real, and have a vinyl lining. They're pretty darn good boots, they've held up for a year and half of constant wearing so far. The only problem is this, I am about 115-120 pounds and I have SCRAWNY lil legs. These boots were made for someone with a larger calf. With no internal support system, (which I've tried to do as you shall see below), they just fall down about my ankles and look ridiculous. So how do I get them to fit? I've super-glued paint strips, yardstick pieces, and neither of them hold up very well. The superglue tears the lining off after a few wears. Any suggestions on how I can make them stay up permanently? I've had a couple ideas, but I'm curious to see what ye might have to say...