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  1. Secret Gift Exchange 2016

    Sorry I missed out on it this time. This is the first time I think I have been on here this year. Lifes been a bit hectic.
  2. Secret Gift Exchange 2014

    The courier I was sending my parcel with went bust over christmas and I had to go and pick it back up yesterday. It will be in the post again tomorrow. Thank you to my secret santa for the pirate plasters (band-aids I believe you call them), playing cards and magnetic pirate poetry set :)
  3. Secret Gift Exchange 2014

    Awesome..I will do that now
  4. Secret Gift Exchange 2014

    bugger I missed out...If its not to late I am up for it again this year
  5. I'd like it to continue. And there is no reason why you yourself should cover all the presents for the people who's secret santa hasn't sent them anything. Next year if this happens let me know and I will also help to send out gifts for the neglected participants :)
  6. I think mine has arrived as I got a couple of cool books come through from Amazon that I didnt remember ordering. Thanks Santa :)
  7. I've sent mine off but unfortunately missed the cut off day by one day for parcels getting to the USA before Christmas. It should still arrive either before the New Year or the week after if the postal service isn't to screwed up from the Christmas rush
  8. Year End Gift Exchange

    yeah I'm in as usual too
  9. Fireballs?

    Good find. Just bought a copy.
  10. History of the Mercury

    Yeah I can do that. I need to get into book binding anyway as have a few navigation related books I want to reproduce. I might treat myself to a course on it later in the year. you only need to look at the titles of some of the 17th/18th century dissertations to get an idea of how you can stretch a couple of word title into a short essay.
  11. History of the Mercury

    Glad I could be of service
  12. From the album My Creations

    This is an order I recently completed for a Spanish reenactment group, consisting of 5 French Marine belts with 15 hole cartridge boxes and one small Grenadiers box with sling.

    © © Letters of Marque 2013

  13. Replica Firepot

    Thats cool. I will look out for it.
  14. On Making a Medicine Chest

    very interesting. I wonder if by drawers he means sliding drawers or removable trays that lift out? It would be interesting to get hold of an actual sea surgeons journal and see if he had written an account of where each Medicine stands. Are there any still surviving?
  15. Happy Birthday POD

    Cheers mates. T'was a fine day indeed I had