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  1. the march of time

    Nearly four years ago... Today :)
  2. Hello, as some may or may not remember, I pop in here about once or twice a year to say hello and such. Hello and such. Happy Birthday to all that's having them and wish to be happy... and if you've no wish to be happy then have a poke in the eye...HYYYAAAAA
  3. Crossbones TV series

    Now that the show is over, I have to say I rather enjoyed it. It's clear that there was never any intention of presenting something historical but rather, something entertaining in the way of a pirate fantasy. I think JM as an older Blackbeard was great and the flashbacks of him with a full head of black hair, and yes, a black beard, was outstanding. Sorry to hear it did not get picked up for second season.
  4. Changing of the Guard

    Last time I took a break from this place I ended up with two children... watch yerself, Stynky, the real world is no place for the likes of us. Seriously, good luck and hope you're not a stranger
  5. Billionaire pirate seizes sovereign nation's asset

    Old story but I haven't been here in a while and I never saw this on the news. This, quite literally, just made my night. I'm in absolute giggle fits right now. I have to find out how this all turned out
  6. ResizedImage 1378499102295

    From the album iPirate's Album

    Swabbie Jason
  7. 2013 07 17 13 18 46 773

    From the album iPirate's Album

    1st Mate Jessica
  8. 2013 03 23 12 45 33 941

    From the album iPirate's Album

    The whole Fam Damnly From left to right... iPirate, Swabbie Jason, Grandpa, 1st Mate Jessica, Auntie, Grandma, The Commander and Chief
  9. 'ello poppits! It's been a mean moment or two since I last braved these waters. Lil' wenchlet Jessica will be 3 on the 5th of Nov... remember remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot... and Swabbie Jason is 1 ana 'aff now. Thinks it's too soon to enterduct them to Capn' Jack Sparrow and Lot? I'd been absorbed in superhero geekery a for spell but few days ago I felt a powerful YAR! overcome me. I've left the ole' Spy Museum and ply me security trade at the Gaylord Hotel on the banks of the National Harbor. Life and Love is good, Mates ahhh... bugger you all
  10. two lines means... oh bugger

    So..ahem...ha... nearly 2 years later and my darlin' daughter is doing wonderfully. And the next little crew member is due at the end of April o.0 Yar
  11. Yar Baby!

    start 'em young, Matie
  12. Long time no Yar!

    Well... It's been a year or so since I cruised these waters. Upon my last visit I mentioned I had little buccaneer on the way. So... Look ya searats! Her name is Jessica and she's almost 5 months old now. I've successfully taught her how to blow raspberries and we're working on the Arrr.
  13. two lines means... oh bugger

    Well, today made it official. Due date is Nov. 23!
  14. Holy Mother, the Spy Museum is packed today

  15. Possible new movie

    just finished this book myself. when i saw that the one of the crew was a complete clone of mary read i was kind of turned off. everything everyone else has said is true but in spite of it... i still enjoyed reading it. I guess I`m just that desperate for pirate related material