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  1. Pirate-era Sloop cross-section?

    Thank you all so very much for the pictures and links, and especially for identifying the book! I ordered it and will hopefully have a copy in my hands next week to luxuriate in some oversize full-color illustration goodness.
  2. I really want to find some sort of cross-section diagram of what the interior of an 18th century sloop would look like. The closest I've come so far was courtesy of another thread on this forum: http://pyracy.com/index.php?showtopic=12831 Unfortunately the scan is just small enough I can't make out any of the legend text, and there's no indication what book the image was pulled from. Does anyone know? And if not, does anyone know of an alternate source that might have something akin to this that I could browse or buy? You can find all sorts of cross-sections of the big ships, but there seems to be precious little detail available on what a Sloop was like below decks. So for that matter if anyone knows good websites or books describing such things, that'd be swell too. The Captain's Cabin doesn't seem like it could have been very spacious (if it exists at all).