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  1. Yer real name

    It's Patricia Ann (without an 'e') My German mother chose it off a list of the most common American names the year of my birth.
  2. Yer real name

    know this, and yet ... always say Shay-na, like Rain-a. So, kick me ...

    Hear! Hear!
  4. Muster of the Mercury

    Anne Coates-Sharpe - Jacksonville, FL
  5. Muster of the Mercury

  6. The Last Page of the Unwritten Surgeon's Journal

    Ivan Henry is a very wise man.
  7. Mantua

    How forgiving are the measurements? I have to make a good set of stays before I can get my measurements with stays on, I have been looking for assistance with this as I have no craft with cloth at all, it could take a while. How long does it take to make, so I have an idea of a time frame to shoot for. I am going to order one, just have to have the particulars down.
  8. Roll Call 2010

    I'd like to help with that in a more active way for next year, if you want to contact me and give me a few clues as to how to make my contribution a tad more effective (I was a bit lost this year, but am excited to try and do better next ).
  9. PIP Photos Thread 2009 I went home and had to have one, we have had so much fun learning to use it, with Sansanee's help with recipes and such via e-mail.
  10. Who Goes There? - Identify Yourself!

    #49 is wearing my hat, so she must be me.
  11. Roll Call 2010

    List me with Mercury again, if ye please.
  12. Articles of the Whole Company of the Mercury

    What part of the body is 'the documents'?
  13. Many Thanks

    I forgot possibly one of the most important thanks, and I had made a mental note to add it ... thanks to Callendish for the hot showers, next to coffee, the most critical requirement for keeping some of us human.
  14. PIP Photos Thread 2009

    Great shots! Enjoyed meeting you two, Paula is such a great lady!