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    I be interested in blackpowder and blade in the realm of wooden ships and the sea, it is me livlihood as well
  1. Firing a Blunderbuss

    We seem to be talking about two distinctly different weapons that look almost identical. One, the "coach" gun, tends to have a full length stock and a 18 to 20 inch barrel with a swell on the muzzle. This weapon has a cylinder bore like a shotgun with the swell to facilitate loading on a moving surface like a coach or the deck of a ship. You can feel the bore just past the cannon barrel flare. It is intended to be fired primarily from the shoulder. The "blunderbuss" (handheld) is usually somewhat shorter with the stock itself being shorter. These weapons do not fit the shoulder fired venue as the pan is now in your face. I have had the flash in the pan on shipboard lifted out of the pan while still burning and blown into my face with muskets, nevermind the shorter blunderbuss doing the same thing. The bores of these weapons are usually tapered from bell to breech and have no caliber per say except the smallest point ,this being due to shot being the load. Nails and other scrape steel would not have been used (bronze tube) except by the ignorant or the desperate, it is an enduring myth. We must remember that these were the state of the art weapons of the time and expensive they were not regarded lightly. Used for watch duty to give a loud warning and the shooter an even chance at hitting something. The sheer number of variation attests to the interest in improving the weapon type.
  2. Splinters

    One other thing not taken to task was the thickness of the side . Up and down oak (ribs) and horizontal sides. Side pieces alone can vary on commercial craft from 2 1/2 inches thick on a 90 ft. LOD schooner to 4 inches or more on larger ships. Daniel is correct that charges were loaded way in advance and were not incremental by target as we do today with semi fixed munnitions for mortars and artillery. Mythbusters only has to convince their viewers of what they see on the screen, and are not accountable for scientific results . Afterall, how many shots did they fire? and at what?
  3. If you can find a copy of it ,Chappell's book "early north american small boats" or something like that is a great source of construction and rig types from the time period and slightly after.
  4. 1stMate's English Cav Pistol Project

    Even in the military, French cavalry pistols converted to sea duty included adding a belt hook, many examples exist on the market today and are well documented.
  5. Hardenning (re-hardenning) your frizzen

    Don't forget that the guns we get from India are not the best they make, the "shooters they produce for the UK must be proved and tested to enter those markets as "live" guns. Not everyone enjoys the freedoms we have here. Some dealers are getting the idea across to the makers to manufacture thr "real" thing without a vent, but they seem tobe loath to sell their best for less. I have several 1st model brown bess muskets and have removed the breach plugs and found the workmanship on the plug and the bore to be of very high quality. Just wish someone would ship them some decent black walnut.
  6. Splinters

    In addition to the above observances on the mythbusters episode ,note that the replica 6pounder tube was not full scale but 3" not the 3.67" it should have been but still shooting the full charge of modern made glazed black powder, much more volitile than the original. The wood structure was not anywhere near the mass of an original. Having worked on many such T.V. shows I can tell you the controversy we are discussing is far better viewer advertising than doing it correctly and not haveing it "talked" about.Don't get your hopes up until world wrestling becomes a competition of... wrestling?
  7. nay hiden on the quay anymore, shootin my 6 pounders with Black Hearted Pearl!!

  8. W.A.G.-word association game

    trade ye two blind ones fer one wi' no teeth
  9. Big Bear Pirate Faire - June 5 & 6, 2010

    unfortunately the event has been canceled due to.................snow damage!?!!! It is planned to be up again in 2011
  10. I have found it easier to do the fitting by removing metal off the lock in keeping with the vent to pan placement and then you only have a small amount of wood to use. Make sure you have a threaded breechplug and not one of the weled ones.

  11. In a post on the Pyracy Pub, about retro-fitting the Jap pistols you said;

    The easiest reliable new lock is L&R queen ann lock, as Track of the wolf sells. the quickest fix with a reliable ending. I run into these guns all the time, if you are in the business you will too.

    Question, is there much inletting work if one were to use the QA lock you describe?


  12. Ye said "Post me on me profile". So here I be! Just joined th' Pirates of Treasure Cove crew at th' Escondido Faire last weekend.

  13. Hidin on the Quay

    me mate an' me be south o' ye on tha Surprise and other ships wa ha guns interested? post me on me profile fer particulars mate.
  14. Hidin on the Quay

    Ye ha' nay idea mate, badgers is wot got me in trouble most in this world. Tha quote be " I poked a badger wi' a spoon, once" long story , wot part o' the country be ye? Me Mate an I be needin' cannoneers all tha time. Really, on ship and shore. Besides, well, badger hole, hmmmmmm......
  15. Hidin on the Quay

    And that comment put me ta' hiden wi' tha regiment on "myspace" fer a while, take a look at "BYDANDFOREVER", lot o pirates in that corner o' tha world.