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  1. Changing of the Guard

    Thank You for your service sir
  2. Pirate Ship Defiance

    Try this for the facebook page
  3. Hand-Drawn Treasure Island Map

    Nice work
  4. sutler or pyrate

    Sutler John is an OUTSTANDING! Sutler. We have always been pleased with his his products and his communication with us concerning his services.
  5. Massachusetts/New England Pyrates!

    I saw that too, I hope to make it up there. As for KRF we worked 1 day there a couple of years ago, Fantastic Time. have friends who work there for the season. make sure to get there early and plan to stay till close.
  6. Massachusetts/New England Pyrates!

    One of the organizers contacted our captain a while back - I may see who out of the group may be interested in going up and checking it out - i know it has been going on for a few years now but we usually had events that conflicted with it.
  7. Massachusetts/New England Pyrates!

    I know our crew was contacted a bit ago but we never heard back from them.
  8. Pirates and banknotes

    Is there any examples of these notes? Images or terminology used in the note?
  9. Mutiny magazine

    They did a fantastic job
  10. Gambling Markers?

    I think i've seen the same show. It is possible that they actually held no value, treated more like a game piece. But like you this was the only place I have heard of them.
  11. The worst/ best pirate documentary

    A&E Network, but that was a mistake. Actually produced by National Geographic Channel
  12. The worst/ best pirate documentary

    I have to agree with Blackbeard, i wish A&E would do more like that. Although not a documentary I have to say the Mythbusters Pirate shows were the worse.
  13. Period hanging methods?

    I have read some that say on ships often the rope was sent over the yard, on end had a noose which was placed around the neck, the other end was given to a number of sailor who would the haul up the condemned. this basically would slowly strangle the victim.
  14. Hand Drawn Maps

    Awesome work